Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Feeling All Better

YAY!!! We found a new place to stay!! They were so kind. I asked them all about their policies to be sure this was not something that would happen again. I explained to them what happened so they would understand why I was concerned. I was not unkind at all about it and did not name the property or owner. I must say I was so relieved to hear their shock at the way it was handled. I It made me feel less crazy! :0)

They assured me that in the event that any complaint was issued by their housekeeping it would have to be very quickly after the guest checked out to be sure no one else acquired the code to get in and use the condo. They would also ask that the condo not be cleaned and they would go and take pictures of it. I thought these policies made a lot more sense and left less room for deception. She also assured me that the housekeeping service they use has been honest to the point of often not charging them for things she did not need to do when things were cleaned. That's very comforting.

On top of that you can be sure from now on I will be using my handy dandy flip camcorder to take a video of the condo before we leave while showing the time and date on the cell phone.

I feel SO much better now. Thank you so much for your kind comments. God DOES always provide. I think this is actually going to work out great. We are going next weekend instead and Russ is going to be able to take a couple of days off. WOOHOO! So we will get to take a long weekend. That is a special treat. Now the girls are extremely excited because Daddy gets to spend extra time with them. They also gave us a wonderful rate and they seemed very interested in working out a long term agreement.

We still have not recieved the report of the claims of the horrid mess we alledgedly left. My friend and I both called to ask for it again. Weird.

Oh well. I am good now. I truly think it is a loss for this kind lady that she did not give us the benefit of the doubt but I don't hold any anger about it. I wish her the best though I do hope she eventually finds out the truth.

I truly thank you for your sweet words. I needed them this morning.

Hugs, Angel


Misty said...

I am glad it worked out and you are getting a long weekend away still! It does the heart and soul good! You deserve it right now! I know how terribly hurtful it is to the heart to be wrongly accused, but we just have to let it go...."Let Go and Let God"! Praying for your family and baby Droopy!!!

Reba said...

I am glad it all worked out...God always has a plan. :) When I read your story, my heart just ached...that kind of thing would devastate me. The only thing I could do was think of Jesus standing in front of the people, innocent but accused. God knows the truth whether the kind lady ever chooses to believe it. I am envious though...I want to go to the beach. :)

Bill said...

Angel, When we sold our home, on the day of closing the realtor called me from closing (we had a representative there since it was a corporate relo) and said the buyers claimed I left the house dirty and their was a huge scratch on our new $9000 hardwood floor. They wanted $5000 to cover the floor and the cleaning of the house. I lost it and cryed like a baby. It was wierd, but it hurt my feelings, because I had tried so hard to make it perfect. It all worked out and the relo company gave them $500.00. I snuck back over and the back door was open and everything was just fine. I think sometimes people are just greedy and are trying to get everything they can for themselves. Just wanted to let you know that I could relate. Lynn

Lucinda Naia said...

Although you may NEVER know what truly happened with the original condo and the housekeeping staff, it's great that you've found a better place. I hope this new condo is even more special.

It may take you awhile to "forget" that this ugliness happened. Just realize that you did the best you could when you could.

If the woman does contact you with a report, continue to be gracious and respectful. She probably won't contact you because she's going to be embarrassed to realize that her housekeeping staff lied to her.