Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Cuteness Never Stops!

Kaitlyn: Why did God make lots of different stuff?

Me: Well... do you mean like how He made animals and people?

Kaitlyn: I'm not worried about ANIMALS and PEOPLE mommy..... What I am worried about is TOYS and HOUSES and BARBIES!!

Me: (trying not to giggle) Ohhhh... I see. Well, God makes people and people make different toys and houses and Barbies.

Kaitlyn: WHY??

Me: Well, don't you think having lots of different kinds of toys is fun?

Kaitlyn: OHHHHH OK. (Then she immediately leaves the room)

Gotta love her. She makes me smile every day. :0) Angel


Valerie said...

Can't wait until Henry starts saying some funny stuff! :)

Guess what?! My flip Ultra shipped out today, so I should be receiving it this week! Woohoo! I had already been thinking about getting one, but your post about it confirmed it for me. I ordered the white with orange one.

Tracey said...

Amazing! What a great conversation:) You may have a gifted child on your hands!!

KerrisKorner said...

Hey Angel! I have tried to get jenn to do a blog as well...I might just have to go to her house and get it started for her! She's super busy with her house FULL of BOYS!! Your girls are all SO Beautiful! I love the "...what i worry about is toys, houses, and barbies." Spoken like a true girl! Take care...

krista said...

Thanks for posting the youtube video. That looks very interesting, and so glad you made me aware of it.
Your girls are beautiful, and so cute and funny! I have four children, and they grow so fast.
Your children are so blessed to have you as parents.


Hee hee -- you're girls keep me smiling! Thanks for sharing all their unique perspectives.

Rachel said...

Oh Angel, that girl! Where does she come up with all the cute things that she says? She is her mother's daughter!

Lou said...

What could EVER be MORE important than toys, houses, and BARBIES?????? Nothing, KK, nothing!