Monday, February 04, 2008

B-day and BFF Weekend

I had a great birthday! For my birthday weekend we had our friends weekend get together with some long time friends of ours. These people have been such an important part of our lives for so many years. We try to take time to get together whenever we can. Remember last year?

I dropped the girls off at grandma's since this was a no kiddo friends weekend. BUT before I left they each gave me a birthday card they had made all on their own. Isn't that sweet?? Here is the card Zoe made.

This is what Zoe wrote on the back. I will translate in case you can't read 8 year old learning English writing! ;0) Happy Birthday To You. We celebrate your birthday.

Here is Kaitlyn's card. So cute.

This is the back of Kaitlyn's card. I will translate for you in case you don't read 4 year old. It says Happy Birthday. :0)

My mother-in-law made me my FAVORITE cake. (gluten free of course) OH MAN WAS IT GOOD! Yummmmmm...

Russ gave me a sling box! WOOHOO! Have you heard of this??? It's a gadget that you hook up to your TV. Then it let's you watch your TV and DVR on your laptop from ANYWHERE you can get internet. It's SO COOL! You rock baby. :0)

If you have followed my blog for long then you recognize my buds Holly and Wendi. I don't know what life would be like without them. They are so important to me. All of us and our hubbies went out to a house we rent on some land to hang out for the weekend.

Will still gets to come along cause he's too little to hang with the grandparents over night. You know how these little guys love their mommas!

Holly showing off her sassy shirt. Jamie is shocked of course. Hee hee...

Awwwwww.... can you feel the love?

Sam gives his best pose for the camera!

Here's Russ- OOPS that's not Russ! Just kidding baby. He

is cute but NOT near as cute as you.

Me and Holly Wolly Well..... hello there...
Us again.
Us AGAIN! Sorry... we had a photogenic moment! ;0)

Will checkin' out the donkeys

I love this man.

Me and my MAN.
WOW! You're scared right?
My buff sexy man. I am pretty sure he is going to kill me for posting these. ;0)

Will and Wendi... Can you believe she is prego with her 4th baby in 5 years and she looks that awesome?? She is impressive!
Cutie patootie

Well, overall BFF weekend and my birthday were a huge success! Thank you to ALL of you who sent me cards, e-mails, and made phone calls to wish me a happy birthday. You are so AWESOME! I am so so blessed. Hugs from a new 31 year old. Angel


Mandy said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!

nora said...

Happy Birthday! I didn't realize you were gluten free too! Yea, I love finding new GF buddies!

Candy said...

HAPPY BDAY...You are now as OLD as ME....HEHE

Tricia said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!!


Jenny said...

Happy Birthday to you. My name is Jenny, I stumbled upon your blog (actually Nikki blogs for a cause). My children were at EN. I remember Zoe when we were at EN (Aug 2006) for our daughter's pickup. Congrats on your beautiful family and good luck on Kaiya's adoption.

Jenny said...

Hey girlie...I'm so sorry I didn't wish you a happy birthday yet....I've been a little pre-occupied! Hope you had a great day! Big Smoochies! Jenny

Anonymous said...

Okay... before I had kids, I would not have thought twice about it... but four babies in five years?!!!! Oh my word!!! I had two in 20 months and I sometimes don't know how I survive! It can be so tiring! My husband wants a third now and I'm like... baby, let's talk!! I'm just so curious... Will doesn't look like he's even one yet. How close will the last two be? I knew Sam from college but really didn't know Wendy, but I'm always nosy about people who have large families--mostly because I wanted four kids until I had one! :) It's so much more work than I could have imagined. I just think big families are so much once the kids are grown, but I guess doing the work to get to that point seems too hard! :)

Happy late birthday, by the way!

Laura (Scott)

Christine said...

Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a great day!

Livin' out loud said...

Happy Belated birthday Angel, you have some really great family and friends I see!! Many blessings to you for the coming year!!

amber said...

Happy (belated) birthday!!!

I loved all the pictures -- looks like a lot of fun.

Many blessings on your year ahead!

with love,