Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another Care Package For Kaiya!!!

How blessed am I? A momma with my agency is going to pick up her sweet little baby named Tia at the SWI where Kaiya is staying. Ellie is SO precious to bring Kaiya a second care package from us. Not only that but she is going to try valiantly to get pictures and video of my sweet baby. YOU HEARD RIGHT! So here are the details. I got to send the nannies copies of all the pictures that were taken last time so they could keep them. I also wrote them a letter. I thanked them for how hard they work and told them how happy it made me to see the sweet lady caring for Kaiya. YES! I also shamelessly hinted that I love her hair and can't wait to put bows in it. I guess we will see if it works. Besides I used babble fish to translate so for all I know it really says I hate long hair please make her head bald and shiny. Hee hee.. I hope they don't shave her beautiful hair but I am prepared with a million adorable hats if they do. ;0)

Here is her package all packed with her name on it. It wasn't bursting at the seems this time. I kept myself under control since it was my second care package and I know she has warm clothes!

This was my favorite part of the care package. I hope it works well!! It is a disposable digital camcorder. It's from CVS Pharmacy. It holds 20 minutes of video and then they will develop it and put it on DVD with software for sharing!
It's $30 which I wouldn't normally spend but it's way worth it to get a video from China of our baby. She might be able to get a video of my friend's baby there too. So that would be awesome. Just wanted to share for those of you who have waiting kiddos where this might come in handy.

We sent some warm, soft jammies. I figured they could be a nice first layer for our sweet ladybug.
Kaitlyn helped me pick them out for our girl.
This is the toy Kaitlyn picked out for her.

When you pull on it the bug lights up and makes little sounds. Very cute.

Here is a tired Kaitlyn looking just THRILLED to display the tootsie rolls we sent in the bag. :0) We sent these for the nannies and older kiddos.

I am sending HUGE thank you to Ellie for making the effort to do this for us and for our babies. You are precious and I will make every effort to pay it forward and bless others the way you are blessing us!

I am so pumped to follow Ellie's trip to China. She leaves THIS week!!! WOOHOOO!!! She should be meeting her sweet little baby girl and our Kaiya as well as our friend's baby on the 2nd or 3rd of March. I have told her to just post pics in whatever way is easiest. So if you help me stalk her blog we just might see pics of Kaiya there first. Let me know if you spot them before I do!!! I AM SOOOO EXCITED! GO ELLIE! We will be cheering you on. I can't wait to see Tia in your arms.

Hugs, Angel


The Allums Family said...

We sent that same video camera and it worked well. Sometimes CVS will run specials and they are only 24.99 and when I got mine back, it was only 1 cent to develop. They run specials on that too! But the quality was pretty good! Well worth the money to have a video of your little one!
I love the toy! It brings wonderful memories back of our visit trip with Nathan. I can hear the funny noises now. We used it a lot!
I pray she is home with you all soon! Such a doll! And I love her room too;)

Tracey said...

Awesome! How exciting! Do you know when Kaiya may be home? She is beautiful, works out great since the other two are too!

Ellie said...

Hey Angel,

I am really excited to meet your Kaiya - I hope the video camera is easy to use -heehee. I will have my mom bring it back to the US with her and mail it, then you will get it more quickly :) Big Hugs from Down Under - but tomorrow they will be from CHINA!