Wednesday, February 27, 2008

50 Days Waiting For LOA

It's been 50 days! 50 DAYS ALREADY!!! Can you believe it? We have been waiting for our letter of approval for 50 so far and they usually come between 60 and 90 days. Usually more towards the 90 part and occasionally a bit over 90. I have told myself to not even start thinking about getting it till 60 and not start hoping for it till 70 days. We will travel about 6 weeks after we get LOA. It still looks like May travel for now. We will see!!! :0) I am starting to get REALLY excited. I am trying hard to just keep content and enjoy where we are. So far I am doing great with that. It helps that we have been CRAZY busy! Hee hee.. It also helps knowing that soon my friend will be there with her and I should be getting new pictures and I HOPE video. YAY!!!! It does a mommy's heart good to see her baby while she waits.

AAACCCCKKKK! I am getting CRAZY excited. It's COMING people. We are almost into MARCH here. We are talking 2 or 3 months here. Soon I will be holding that gorgeous little bundle of sweetness in that photo. Soon I will be hearing her laugh for the first time... Cuddling with her for the first time...chasing a barely 2 year old around again. WOW! OK... breathing deep... staying calm.
;0) Angel


Whitney said...

Congrats on 50 days! Praying LOA comes soon, to the glory of God!

Anonymous said... I AM EXCITED TOOOOOOOO! Did you see the my missionary map picture I sent to you with Kaiya on it as a missionary? Too cute and wow...she is a missionary...and through your blog she is ministering for sure.
Love Mia momma

Faithful Froggers said...

It will be here before you know it! Can't wait to see that precious girl at home with her forever family.

Love & FROG,

Natalie C. said...

I am so excited for ya'll and meet to her!

Tricia said...

Angel :)

So exciting!!!!! I am THRILLED for you!! Keep keepin' busy and hopefully it will be here SOON!!

Sorry I haven't commented in a while......been fightin the flu and not near the computer!

Your girls & pictures are PRECIOUS as ever!

Scarlett_333 said...

Eek- how exciting!! It is going so quick!! I can't wait to see the pictures and video!


Reba said...

I am getting excited with you. Every day I check in, just hoping that I will see LOA. :) It will happen, and then you will be on a whirlwind bringing her home. Whew...your life is going to get really busy. :)

Our Real Life said...

For me it is hard to believe 50 days have gone by. I am sure for you it has been an eternity.
I am praying for a quick LOA and quick travel.

Candy said...

I KNOW GIRL...ITS SO HARD TO STAY CALM...I just got myself all worked up again too...because I found out about a 2/15 resubmit that got OUT today.....I am so glad I have been here in TX and have been so BUSY....or I would be going bananas...I can't believe this summer we will both have NEW LITTLE LOVES HOME...WOOO HOOOO! Ok I am going to try to ENJOY the fact that I get alot of SLEEP right now, only have one baby to bath, onlyhave one car seat to mess with...and try to do like you and live in the NOW and enjoy it....because...really thats all we can do...HUGS...congrats on the BIG 50...hehe

Amy said...

Praying that the time will pass quickly for you all. This is one of those times in life where busy is good, because you can't watch the clock so closely. :)

Dimple Queen said...

I am getting excited with you!!!! I hope these next few weeks fly by and you get to hold that precious little bundle much sooner than you think!!!

Livin' out loud said...

I feel ya girl! I am "right there" too!!!

nikki said...

Congrats on hitting 50 days!!!
Your excitment just comes thru the computer!!!!

Liz said...

Hey Angel,

Congrats on 50 days so far! I am very excited for you. Praying the next few days until LOA go very quickly.


Powell Adoption said...

I have loved seeing this journey unfold! Having followed the journey to Zoe i have to tell you that God had done amazing things in your life and grown you so much! I am so excited to see this little one come home soon. Lots of love and prayers,

Global Girl said...

Hoping your LOA comes soon!

Your THREE girls are beautiful!

melissa said...

Can't wait to see sweet baby Kaiya in her momma's arms! Hoping you receive LOA very soon!

Cassie said...

angel, im so glad you left a comment on my blog. i called candy today to get your blog site but she gave me the wrong address (since she wasn't at her computer). i love your blog! i wanted to show my husband the cool stuff your flip can do. you and candy have inspired me to become a better blogger. wish me luck. it was great seeing you again.

GDS said...

Hey - it's March now - not just almost, but actual March. That means about 2 more months. Next thing you know and it'll be April. Then May. Then you know what!!!

amber said...

Wow, May is just around the corner! You are going to be holding that sweet girl before you know it!
I'm glad you are staying busy -- that definitely makes the time go by faster.
I'll bet the girls are getting really excited about meeting their littlest sister! You are going to have quite the house-full of ladies!! :0)