Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Special Little Girl Needs a Home

Hey blogger buddies. I was passed this information about a VERY important situation. Can you help me find this special little one's mommy and daddy?
Hi all,

This week AAI staff has been in China, and we are being given the wonderful opportunity to facilitate that first known adoption of an HIV+ child in from China. There was a big meeting with the "powers that be" in China, and basically these government officials who are in charge of the orphans in China had no idea that HIV+ children could be treated with medication and be basically healthy. They had no idea that these kids could live long, full lives. They had no idea that HIV was not spread through casual contact, etc.

After some education and explanation, and the AAI staff sharing how over 20 HIV+ kids have now been adopted from Ethiopia, the Chinese officials agreed to "try it". They gave us the referral of one child, a 20 month old little girl. She is very beautiful and seems to be doing well, although is small for her age. She is developmentally normal and had not been showing any signs of illness. From what we know there are no ARV's available for Chinese orphans, so getting her home quickly will be important.

We would love to get the word out about this little girl so we can try and find her a home. If we can find a home for her quickly and show the Chinese officials that there are parents who will adopt these children, it could very well open the door for many more HIV+ Chinese orphans to be placed in loving homes in the US instead of dieing in orphanages.

China has been flexible in the past with its guidelines for special needs kids and we believe that they will be flexible for parents adopting HIV+ kids, however for the first case we want a family that meets the guidelines so it isn't a "stretch". The guidelines are - parents between the ages of 30-55- married for two years- income of at least $10,000 a year per family member and net worth of $80,000- no more than four (maybe five) children in the home.

Please feel free to spread this information around anywhere you see fit, especially if any of you have connections with the China adoption community.

Also please share my work contact info, which is and 307 248 0530

Spread the word blogger buddies. This is a huge opportunity for this group of little ones. Hugs, Angel

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