Thursday, January 10, 2008

Our Sweet Droopy Dog

We received an update on Milka, the little girl we are sponsoring at Eagle's Nest Orphanage in Guatemala. Isn't she wonderful???

I am more in love than ever of course. ;0) I mean just LOOK at her. She is killer adorable. You know what is REALLY weird? On her update I found out that her birthday is May 7th of 2006. That is 3 days before Kaiya was born. They are EXACTLY the same age!!! How weird is it that of all the children I fell so hard for this little one who turns out to have a birthday 3 days away from Kaiya's?? Then she ends up stuck in Guatemala needing sponsors. Very interesting.

The whole time I was in Guatemala I kept watching the kids and wondering which ones were close in age to our little China doll. I had no idea. :0) I wonder what God has up His sleeve for this precious little one I have dubbed Droopy Dog- DD.

This one cracks me up. Look at that face. This is her with a present on Christmas. She looks pretty unhappy with Santa. Hee hee hee...

Eagle's Nest still needs financial support. Even if you can only give $10 bucks every penny adds up. Eagle's Nest has NO income coming in right now because adoptions have been put on hold. You can imagine the pressure of trying to care for these dear children not knowing where the funds will come from. Claire wrote to me to tell me how many of you responded last time I posted about this. It really touched my heart. To give to Eagle's Nest all you have to do is go to their website Click on "How Can I Help" and there is a donation button. You can donate through Pay Pal. It is super easy. To see children who still need sponsors you can go to "Adopt-A-Child" and look at the pictures. You are not required to send any specific amount...only what you can afford. You just specify which child you want to sponsor and you will get monthly updates like we do for Milka. If you have questions please e-mail we at angel weir @

:0) Angel


Anonymous said...

She is so absolutely precious and growing up so much! Her look in that last picture is how I felt this Christmas season - ha! DebbieT

PeWee said...

She's beyond gorgeous!! Sweet sweet baby girl!