Tuesday, January 29, 2008


This morning I woke up to a wonderful surprise!!! My adoptive mommy friend was able to post Kaiya's pictures on her blog! My birthday is Friday and this was such a wonderful gift. I was SO excited but also RUNNING out the door since I am in charge of carpool on Tuesday mornings. I also work out with a friend and was supposed to meet her. So I just copied Kaiya's beautiful face on my computer and took it with me. I sat staring at it in the parking lot before I forced myself to work out. I couldn't even shower after I worked out. I HAD to get home to post them for you. Thanks so much to everyone who wrote to let me know they were on the blog. You are such sweet friends. I know I have people watchin' my back. ;0) Of course I had to mess around with them and edit and play. Hope you love them as much as I do... of course that is NOT possible. Thanks SOOOOO much Leigh. These are such an amazing gift. I am so grateful. Hugs, Angel

Look at THAT!!! Isn't she precious?????

She is bundled in about 4 layers of clothing to keep her warm. So it's hard to tell how big she is. I have a feeling she is much tinier than she looks.
OH MY WORD! I just love her eyes. Just LOOK at that precious hair. I LOVE IT! I am praying sooo hard they don't shave it off but they usually do. :0(
Doesn't her nanny look SO sweet?? She looks like a kind and happy person.
Lovin those chubby little hands. You can't even SEE her scar from her lip surgery!

How am I so blessed? She looks warm and healthy.

Isn't this wonderful? Isn't she amazing???? I KNOW! I KNOW! I am a gushy momma. I can't help myself. I am in LOOOOOVE!


Katie said...

How exciting !! She is very beautiful and looks well cared for !! :)

Scarlett_333 said...

Oh my gosh- she is precious! Absolutely beautiful.


Dimple Queen said...

She IS precious!!! I am so excited for you...I come by every day to see if there is something new.

Dimple Queen said...

She IS precious!!! I am so excited for you...I come by every day to see if there is something new.

Amy said...

She is PERFECT Angel! I can't quit staring at her!!! What an amazing gift to receive those pictures right before your birthday. Tell Russ to just give it up- nothing he can come up with can compare!!! ;0) So happy for you- she is beautiful and soon my friend you will be kissing on those perfect round cheeks! :0) Amy

Sara said...

She is beautiful and I know you can't wait to love on her. When you are waiting for a child to join your family, pictures are so precious!

Liz said...

She is adorable! I'm so excited for you guys to be able to hug and cuddle her very soon. Hugs, Elizabeth

Angie said...

It's so awesome that someone was able to take pictures for you, I saw those on her blog last night and thought it was Kaiya but since you had not said anything I wasn't sure! I'm thrilled for you, she is beautiful!

Livin' out loud said...

WOOO HOOO!! How wonderful is that?!! She is beautiful!!!
Blessing to you all (we are getting closer!!!)

Natalie C. said...

it's ok to be a gushy mom, she's too cute

Melissa said...

What a wonderful early birthday present! She is just beautiful. So thankful that she looks warm, healthy and loved.

Stefanie said...

YEAHHH!! Nothing makes a waiting mama's heart beat faster than NEW pictures of her baby!!! She is just beautiful... c'mon LOA! :)

Mandy said...

She is an adorable little girl! How wonderful that you were able to get these pictures!!

Shannon said...

SERIOUSLY!! I skip one day and you have 4 posts!!!

Angel I am so, so happy that you got the pictures!!! Doesn't it just warm your heart?!?!

Thrilled to pieces for you! She is beautiful!!

Ellie said...


Kaiya is a doll! I can't wait to kiss her cheeks for you :) It will not be long now and she will be home in her pretty new room. I love the Ladybug K!

Cheers to my YiWu Mommy buddy!


cindy said...

What a lovely girl. I am so happy for you! Hope the wait left zooms by!

Our Real Life said...

She is gorgeous. I am so glad you got the pictures. Nothing compares to seeing your beautiful baby when you can't hold her.
I am praying you get to hold her soon.

Heather said...

Gush all you want - she is beautiful! What a wonderful birthday gift. Thinking of you always and praying that baby girl comes home soon!
Love & FROG,

Tricia said...

WAHOO!!!!!!!!! NEW PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!

chitwood said...

She is precious. Love her sweet eyes. I'm so happy you were able to get new pictures of her. And it does look like she is being kept warm.

Ryan and Heather said...

She's so beautiful!
I love her eyes. She looks like serious little thinker! I hope you have her in your arms soon.

amber said...


I am so glad you got these pictures. What a great birthday present.


Pep said...

Angel.. I was away from blogland too long - I can't believe how much has happened for you! When do you get to bring her home? I have goosebumps, just typing this to you! What a blessing!!!! Congratulations and I promise not to leave for so long again!
Hugs - Pep