Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I am floating on air.... I AM! Yesterday evening I came home to a letter in my inbox. My care package was delivered to our baby Kaiya yesterday by a wonderful mommy picking up her little girl in Yiwu AND she was able to take a new picture of Kaiya!!!!!! YES! Soon we will have a new picture of our sweety.

She can't send it to me till she gets back from China because it was taken on her momma's camera and they don't have the cords. THAT'S OK! I will wait. I am just so thrilled that she SAW her and has a PICTURE of her!! It had me really choked up.

She said that Kaiya looks fine and that the baby room was not cold at all. It was warm. She said the babies were bundled up nice and cozy too. That was a relief.

She said while her little girl, Hope, may not have been showered with attention she was clearly not abused. She is sweet and polite and responds to comfort. THAT is terrific news! I have actually been hearing many stories about the children adopted from Kaiya's SWI- social welfare institute. All of the parents I heard from said their children bonded very easily and they could tell that someone cared about them. I pray every day that someone will love Kaiya. I am so grateful that those nannies are making the effort. I am sure they can't even know how vital they are. I will treasure them forever.

I don't know much else yet. She is busy in China right now. I am sure she will be able to fill me in on a few more details when she gets time to breathe. Here is her blog if you would like to follow their journey. I, of course, have been blog stalking! Just go to the travel journal to read her blog entries. Their are different photo albums listed below that.

YAY! YAY! YAY for a new picture and an update on our baby!

Hugs, Angel


Scarlett_333 said...

Yay!! That's so exciting! I can't wait to see it!


Mandy said...

Great news!

Amy said...

Angel!!!!!! That is INCREDIBLE! Oh I know how precious those pictures are since you do not get any photo updates! AWESOME news! I am so, so happy for you and I am DYING to see them!!! Hope her room is coming along cause she'll be in it before you know it! Doing the happy dance here with you! Love, Amy

Our Real Life said...

That is fantastic. Pictures of a sweetheart does so much for an adopting mommy soul. It is even better when you get a great report from another family.
I read you post on no heat in the orphanage and it made me so sad.
I am so glad to hear the children are warmly dressed and the room is warm.
Can't wait to see your whole brood together soon.

Jenny said...

Angel....I'm sooo happy for you! I can't wait until you get her pictures and POST them! I know she will bond with you...WE ALL DID!

Anonymous said...

Angel, I just found your blog about a month ago. You have no idea what you and your family have done to me. You are an amazimg person and mother. I just spent all dat reading Zoes adoption story and seeing all the videos and right now I m crying like crazy! You, Russ and your beautiful girls are changing the world!
Im gonna be here, reading every single day!
Im so sorry for my terrible english, Im from Peru!

Wendi said...

That is wonderful news! Yay! Yay! Yay! I was just thinking about your little cutie's care package yesterday when I was walking through the store...wondering if she'd gotten it or not. How amazing! I love the internet...I love blogging...and I love yahoo groups! Just look how beautifully it brings us all together. (Just five years ago, with technology where it was, that lady would have been a complete stranger to you, and would have never been able to do all she's done.) Can't wait to see your little ladybug!

Lucinda said...

Just have to tell you that EVERY time I think of Kaiya or write her name - I see her name as something like Reyna or Rayna. I think of the word queen, I know that Reina is Spanish for queen.

She must be royalty....