Thursday, January 03, 2008

How To Use This Blog


I want to let you know that I have worked hard to add a lot of different things to my blog for my awesome blogger buddies. My main concern was that people would have the ability to find the information they needed on my blog efficiently. I know a lot of new people stumble across this blog and I don't want you to feel lost. I also get asked a lot of questions and my old blog posts are a handy way to answer those thoroughly. It helps if I can actually find them quickly so I can be more prepared! ;0) So on the right hand side of my blog underneath our family pictures I have created an archival system. It has different sections and under those sections you can find all the posts I have written under those topics. Check it out...
Let me know if this doesn't make sense or you have a post you would like me to write. I know I still have posts to write on older child adoption. Sorry I am so slow but I haven't forgotten-just behind!!
I would also like to highlight a couple of posts that mean a lot to me. Many of you have expressed surprise or amazement that I have such peace during this adoption. Anyone who saw me the first time around can tell you this is something I learned and not a natural skill. These posts explain a bit about what I learned.
The Hardest Lesson We Learn- I seriously still can't read this without crying. It was a very deep lesson for me.
Hindsight is 20/20- Handling my adoption this way is what is really helping me right now.
Looking Back On A Leap Of Faith- This takes a look into who I am. It's what makes me "crazy" I suppose. When God says jump I WILL take the leap of faith- ALWAYS.
AND if you are a new blogger buddy this is a good place to start. It tells the story of how we came to adopt in the first place.
To the right you will also find archived videos to watch, books I recommend, meet people we talk about in the blog and my blog roll.
Please let me know what you think about the system. Can you find what you need? Do you have any ideas? HUGS! Angel


Scarlett_333 said...

That is awesome Angel! I was reading through a few of them and saw you are going to ETHIOPIA!!! Agghhh I am jealous :) That, and Haiti, are next on my list after the Dominican this summer. My sponsor child lives there and I would love to meet her. Plus, visitng AHOPE would be amazing. I can't wait to read about it!
You asked if we had anything we would like you to post about... I was just wondering what your thoughts are on Zoe (and Kaiya, when she comes home) knowing the language of the country they were born in. Some adoptive parents try to help them keep it, and others don't. I would love to hear your thoughts!

JMR said...

Hi Angel! Wow, you are way more computer savvy than I am! I wasn't able to view the video about how you came to adopt. I'd love to go back and read about how your journey began, as I am new to your site. Your girls are all beautiful!

Crystal said...

Angel--Words cannot tell you how much you ministered to me tonight! I have tears pouring down my face as I write. I listened to Natalie Grant's Held and watched your video and once again God has met me where and I am and filled my heart with HOPE. It has been a long day and that is all I needed was HOPE! I can do anything with an once of his HOPE!

There is so much more to Samuel and what we are facing than what I put on my blog. I would go through this pain a zillion times over to feel God's closeness right now. I have grown spiritually more thru this than I ever have in my life. Right now my emotions are so raw and I am just plain scared. I do not know much right now except that he is here and he not left me. And he loves me more than I can even comprehend--I KNOW I am being HELD!!!


Many blessing to you and your precious girls hugs to you Angel hugs!!!!!!!

Mindy said...

Angel...I have lost track of who I have and haven't told yet, but I have to go invite-only with my blog next week...I have a creepy internet stalker (long story).

If you'd like to be added, shoot me your email addy and I'll get the invites out next week sometime.

Love ya & Thanks!

Pattie & Rob Miller said...

Angel- Your Blog is amazing and I am amazed at your abilities to be so organized with your blog and you give back so much, you have an amazing heart.
Your girls are adorable and I get so much from your blog. Thanks so much for sharing.
I can't wait for you to bring Kaiya home and make her part of your loving family.
I am Praying for your safe journey and a for Kaiya to come home as soon as possible.
Happy New Year
from Sunny South Florida

David and Marianne said...

I had some extra time and clicked on your "hardest lesson we learn" post. I was so encouraged by your thoughts and couldn't agree more with your conclusions to suffering.

4 1/2 yrs ago my husband and I were on a date and he profoundly said why does it seem like everyone around us has so many trials and pain when we seem to be untouched? 3 days later he accidentally backed into an elderly woman in a parking lot and she died within hrs. From that pt. on until this very day we have faced pain and suffering from trial after trial....each unique and incomparable to the others.

Yet with a full and whole heart, I can boast of the great things the Lord has done because of those sufferings....mostly in our own hearts! I will NEVER regret any refining fires He puts us through and I CLING to the hope it produces!

Thank you for sharing your heart Angel! I continue to check your blog and pray for your adoption as you prayed for my baby girl at Eagles Nest!

In His love, Marianne

Farrah and Jed said...

Angel where are you???

I miss you, And after your encouraging words...

Guess What?
We are doing our next adoption from Ethiopia......GO US

Sara said...

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. It is so educational and so many people can identify with the emotional side. Thanks for all the info. I've added you to my list of blogs on my site.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angel,

Long time reader. Question for did you (do you) find your mission trips? I'm interested in a mission trip to Guate and really don't know where to begin.

Many thanks,