Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!!!

Wow! It's hard to believe that we are already here. 2008!!!! Another amazing year. 2007 was such a wonderful year for our family. We have grown so much. We have learned so much. We have healed so much from the year before! ;0) (Zoe's adoption year-not so easy)

God is taking us places and doing things in our lives we have dreamed about for years. We are truly living our dreams!! I am so very thankful. Russ and I look at each other and just shake our heads in amazement. When you dive into the dreams God has placed in your heart it changes you forever. We are in awe when we see the path we are walking down.

I am so excited about this year. I am thankful for the peace that has been with me during this adoption process. It is a great encouragement to think that perhaps I ACTUALLY learned something through the torture of the first adoption! Hee hee hee..I know that I will be tested in that this year. I am praying for the grace to pass those tests and trust God with my heart and with my children- wherever they are.

It is so strange and exciting. I was telling Russ that I feel like my heart has grown. I know that sounds so cheesy but it's how I feel. You know like on the grinch? How his heart grew three sizes in one day?? It's like my heart has more capacity somehow- like it's a little stronger. You know when you start working out and you feel like your gonna die the next day? (Ummmm yeah like I am going to feel next week when I start going to the gym again.) It's like that. Like my first adoption opened my heart in a new way and it hurt so badly that sometimes I thought it might never repair. But now it has. This adoption is different. Sure sometimes I am tired, like today, but it's not the same. I am stronger and I have more endurance. Not because of my own strength but because I am learning how to let go and trust. I think I am kind of freaking Russ out because I am so chilled. He keeps talking about it. ;0)

So I am not big on New Year's Resolutions.... I don't know... I guess this is my goal for this year. My goal is to be joyful and continue to trust. To trust God with this adoption and continue to enjoy the process as well as enjoy where I am. I am really excited about the next months with my girls. I want to continue to soak in each moment with my two sweet girls who are here and not start REACHING for something God has not given me yet.

Thank you to all of you who walk down this path with us. My blogger buddies have become such a great part of my life. I would never have believed what a community of amazing friends I would gain through this crazy thing called a blog. A few years ago I didn't know what a blog WAS!
I wish you all the best this year. I wish you joy. I wish you adventure. I wish you something beyond what you are capable of doing on your own. I wish you growth. Most of all I wish you love a little deeper than you have felt it before.

Love to you, Angel


Tricia said...

Beautifully said, Angel! :)

Happy New Year to you!

And here's to NOT OBSESSING over the extra holiday lbs and just working to make em melt away!


Katie said...

Happy New Year !!! Your faith and trust in God is such a inspiration to me !!!!

Crystal said...

hi Angel!!!--Thank you for your last post!!! and this post I can relate to so many things you said!!! oooh Can I relate!!! Hey I wondered if you could e-mail me your address I wanted to invite you to Samuel's blog --it is private I am going to combine them when he gets home but for now I had to make it private--long story!!! hey my e-mail is

Kim said...

Happy New Year! I hope you and your family have a blessed and amazing 2008. I want to thank you for sharing your adventures with us. You always make me think - to stretch - and to ponder. I'm excited about what God is doing through you!! Thank you!!!

nikki said...

Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family.
Your blog is always such an insipration. You are honest, thoughtful and faithful. Thank you for always keeping it real. I know that 2008 will be an amazing year for you guys!!!

Amy said...

Beautiful family picture- but else would I expect? I'm excited for what 2008 brings also- but so thankful for your friendship in 2007. :0) From you #1 blogging fan- Amy

amber said...

Ahhh... as I've been still trying to adjust to TWO Kids, I haven't been keeping up on my blog reading as faithfully as I used to -- and I'VE MISSED YA!!! :)
Happy New Year to you too, my friend. I am so blessed that you and your wonderful blog were added to my life in 2007! (And I'm worse than you, I still didn't know what a blog was as of a year ago! :)

I, too, feel that my heart has grown... and is still growing... sometimes I wonder if I can handle how big it's getting! My heart is aching to do more, to make more of a difference, to hold more babies and adopt more kids... to give more and love more... but I am also hearing that small voice prompting me to not strive even in my good desires, but to rest and trust and savor the now -- but yet not to settle. Sounds like we're hearing the same voice! Here's to finding the balance of resting in the now but also hoping for and planning for and anticipating the adventures to come!!

Much, much love to you!!


amber said...

GREAT picture of your family!

Just had to tell you... :)

Reba said...

I love the Grinch comment...I am a kindergarten teacher, so I tend to think that way. :) I know exactly what you mean. We just brought home our son from Guatemala (child number 4, 2nd from Guatemala). And I did worry about how I was going to love them all and give them the attention they need. I am sure the attention will be difficult at times, since there is only one mom in the house and four kids needing it. But the love...NO problem. I have cried more this holiday season just realizing how very blessed we are...