Thursday, January 03, 2008

Care Package For Kaiya

Because of the generosity of a super awesome momma I am getting to send my Kaiya a care package in China!!!!!!! This mamma is going to pick up her little girl who is OH SO CUTE in about two weeks. She is at the same orphanage as Kaiya so she will be taking these things for me. HOW AWESOME IS SHE??? I am so thankful as I have really wanted to be able to send Kaiya some things for the winter.

Here are the things I sent. I was determined to not send more than would fit in a one gallon zip lock baggie. BUT I had certain things I wanted her to have so it was TOUGH! I FIT IT ALL with some good old American ingenuity.
The clothes are all from REI. See we live in TX. We don't do cold really well. So I drove into Houston to get some special gear. Kaiya's corner of the world gets really cold and her orphanage does not have heat. So I wanted to make sure she has some good clothing. I found everything I needed and most of it was on clearance. WOOHOO! The pink outfit to the left is temperature gauging thermal underwear. It will keep her toasty warm without making her sweaty. The purple outfit is thermal fleece. VERY SNUGGLY! The socks and hat and mittens are all made out of smart wool. It is extremely warm but not itchy. (great tip Wendi)
You will also see in there a disposable camera... due to my hope that they might use it and return it with pictures when I pick her up. Some medicine for scabies since that can be a problem in orphanages. A crinkle book since that is the best baby toy ever invented. It is tiny and can fit anywhere. Every baby I have ever met likes this toy. Kaitlyn used to play with it for SOO long. Also links to attach her toys to her crib so she won't lose them. I had to stuff them in one by one in the nooks and crannies. Then I smushed in some tootsie rolls for the caretakers! I also got to write them a short letter translated on babblefish thanking them for caring for Kaiya and letting them know we will come soon.

Here are some shoes I sent. The goal was to send shoes that would smoosh flat and take up no room AND would be comfy. YAY Target clearance. These were perfect!

I so wanted to send her a mirror because I know she most likely gets very little interaction. I think it would be very good for her to be able to see her own facial expressions and interact that way. Plus kids LOVE mirrors. I found the best one I could then had to cut the poor sucker's head off so he would fit. It was pretty funny. Plus I know they don't want a lot of stuffed animal type toys cause they hold germs. It has ties that will attach to her crib.

Here is the photo album we sent. That is my lady bug on the front there!

Here is the first page. Thanks to Nikki (she did my blog) I have a picture of all my sweet girls together. Isn't that sweet?

Here is the next page...

This is the last page. I also stuck some extra pics behind each picture in the vague hope that they would see them and show them to her. I can wish right?

Here is the package all put in a gallon zip lock baggie! Can you believe I fit it all?

That is her Chinese name.

Here is the other side. That is a picture of Kaiya for the caretakers.

I am so happy. It's really strange. I think because I am purposely making the decision to be content every good thing that happens feels like a wonderful surprise. I love it. This is the way to go.

It is so good to know that Kaiya will have the things she needs to be warm and growing. HUGS! Angel


Lucky Girl said...

I admire your patience this time around. When I was waiting for Ingrid it was a nightmare (and became worse after waiting). I'm going to take your advice this time and be PATEINT and at peace with the process.

Kim said...

How exciting to be able to send that care package!! I'm sure all of those things will keep Kaiya super warm and happy.

chitwood said...

That is great that you are able to send along the care package for Kaiya. Everything you included is perfect for her. I had no idea there wasn't heat at the orphanage.

I know that we have never met, but I feel like I know you through your blog. You are obviously so very sweet, loving, kind and compasionate. All three of your daughters are so lucky to have you as their Mom.


Mindy said...

Ingenious, lady! You're a super packer!

She'll love her gifts from her new Momma!

Praying for y'all as you wait patiently for her homecoming!


Scarlett_333 said...

That is so exciting, and I was so touched to see the picture I made for you in there!


Anonymous said...

I love you were able to fit all this into the zip lock bag. Afer what you went through with Zoe I am praying so much this will be a quick and smooth process.

DebbieT said...

Great job smooshing everything in that little bag! Where's there a will...:)I'm so proud of you for being so calm and content - that is so good! Hugs, I miss ya!

GDS said...

Awesome - looks so familiar!!!
Target seems to be the place for ZOL goodies!
Can't wait to see the new addition included without photoshop.

amber said...

I am really impressed that you got all that in a gallon bag! You ARE talented!! (AND ingenious! I would have never thought of putting additional pictures BEHIND the others... So sneaky! :)

She is going to love everything. I am so glad you are able to send these things to her because it's like sending a bit of your heart.

Love ya.

PeWee said...

Gracious! You got a LOT packed into that little baggie! You chose such wonderful things for her! I know it felt great to gather all those things together!