Thursday, December 27, 2007

Our New Addition- Well KIND OF! :0)

No we are not adopting another sweetie pie. Not YET anyway! ;0) We are now sponsors to this beautiful little girl named Milcka from Guatemala!! I am so thrilled to have her as a part of our extended family. I will call her DD cause Droopy Dog is my little nick name for her. Look at those awesome cheeks! Aren't they crazy adorable? Here is the deal... I met/fell in love with "DD" when I was in Guatemala on our mission trip to Eagle's Nest. She lives at the orphanage where we visited. Of course I was immediately wrapped around her chubby little fingers. :0) I mean look at her! I truly have adored her since the moment I met her. I hated ever having to put her down. These are the pics I took while I was there.

At that time I thought she was on her way home to her family. I was so happy to know she would go to a loving family soon. ( though I was secretly wishing I could take her and about ten others home with me-hee hee) I can't help it! They are so precious. BUT REALLY! I just wanted them all to have great homes. It breaks my heart to say that due to some unavoidable complications DD's case has been stopped by the government. So she will not be able to be adopted until these complications are resolved. This will most likely take a great deal of time. Eagle's Nest Orphanage requested to keep her and care for her although it may be a long road with little to no financial support. When I saw her picture and realized she was one of the kiddos needing support I knew I had to help. As her sponsors we will receive monthly updates on how she is doing.

As many of you know Guatemala is shutting down adoptions for a time to change certain practices and try to make things better. It is estimated that adoptions will be stopped for about 6 months. Sadly, many children will suffer because they are caught in the middle of this delay. The money that parents pay during the adoption process is what allows places like Eagle's Nest to function and support these kids. I know that they desperately want to care for these precious children until they can be matched with families. There are not many places that I trust with my money. This is one place. I have seen what they are doing and I believe in it.

There are more children who need sponsors. Even if you can give a few dollars it will help Eagle's Nest continue to be able to care for these children. They have helped so many of these little jewels find homes. Let's help them continue to be able to take children in and find them loving homes.

You can go to Eagle's Nest website and donate through Pay Pal. Here is the link...


GO TO "HOW CAN I HELP" TO FIND THE PAY PAL DONATE BUTTON -(when you donate make sure you make a note of the name of the child you would like the money to help)

If you would like to see a video about my experience at Eagle's Nest here it is..

Here I am with some of the beautiful children from Eagle's Nest. This is a song they put together to tell us goodbye. Are they precious or WHAT??? A couple of the children in this video need sponsors as they will have to stay at Eagle's Nest until adoptions are re-opened in Guatemala.

Here they are praying for us and our journey home. I was basically bawling my eyes out by the time they were done. They are precious. It was so hard to leave them behind.

Thanks so much for your time. I will continue to keep you updated on sweet little DD and the other kiddos at Eagle's Nest. Love, Angel

PS For more information on Eagle's Nest Orphanage and my mission trip to Guatemala please look at the side bar to the right under my archives section called mission trips. You will find LOTS of great pictures and videos.


Scarlett_333 said...

She is so beautiful, Angel, and that is so exciting. It is amazing how much you can grow to love your sponsor kids! I have 2, and I look forward to their letters every month.

nikki said...

Oh Angel, how wonderful! She is just beautiful!!
I have been so upset about the shut down in Guatemala and I have been looking for a project to directly help the children who will be affected. Thank you thank you for this post!!!!

Whitney said...

I just loved her too when we were there! She had a terrible cold, poor little thing, but the biggest smile through it all!

marianne said...

Thank you for sharing the information on how we can help the children at Eagle's Nest. I've also been very interested in going on a Mission trip to help at Eagle's Nest since reading about your experience there. If you have any information that you can share on how to go about participating in a Mission trip there I would really appreciate it. Thanks again.

Jenny said...

Angel...Thank you for posting the pics and takes me back to such an amazing time and place. I will NEVER forget our time in Guatemala and I will never forget DD. She's blessed to have you! Looks like you had a great Christmas! Miss you! jenny