Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My New Look!!!

Look at my shnazzy new blog!!! Isn't it cool? Did you think you were in the wrong place???? NO IT'S STILL ME!! Just a little more stylish thanks to my new friend Nikki.

I just love the picture of my 3 little princesses up in the corner. OOOOHHHHHH! Don't they look beautiful all together? I love those girls so much. How did I get so blessed??

I want to thank Nikki for redoing the blog for me. I have been wanting it done for a long time but didn't know how. She asked me about my style and she hit it right on the NOSE! This is SO ME!

She did a TERRIFIC job and it's for a great cause. Nikki is raising money for a humanitatian trip to the Dominican Republic. Plus she is only charging $20 and donating $5 of that to Kiva. You KNOW how we love Kiva around here!!! Of course I slipped her a little extra cause COME ON! She is awesome. Go check out what she does here if you want

HUGS! Angel


Bekah said...

Looks GREAT Angel! Well done Nikki! LOVE Kiva...that's awesome!

ManyBlessings said...

I love it! Nikki is doing my blog right now. I think she does fantastic work and I'm honored to support her trip!
PS~Not sure if my other comment ever showed up regarding the video. Thank-you. It came at a time when I needed it most. God bless you for your generous heart. :)

Muriel and Jerry said...

It looks awesome! Love it!

Kim said...

I love it!! I need a Nikki blog now too!!

Anonymous said...

Ooooo...love it!! She just finished mine new look too. Very awesome! And great to support her cause. Plus- she does awesome work!

Farrah said...

I love the new look...
I'm so happy to help Nikki out too isn't she awesome.