Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Good News and The So So News.

We drove to Austin and got everything authenticated. We had a few hiccups but nothing too awful. Kaitlyn did barf along the way but fortunately I NEVER clean out my car. SOO we had a spare outfit in there and we were good. I think she just got nauseous from having an empty tummy (would not eat), some congestion and being up very early in the car. I get that way too. Plus Kaitlyn barfs really easily which is fairly amusing since before I had kids the thought of barf made me want to hurl. God's sense of humor eh? Anyway... not cleaning out that car finally paid off. ;0)

Soooo then we went to the Houston Chinese Consulate and they said we couldn't have our papers finished till Thursday unless we paid like $320 extra for a rush fee. Then they would have been done today. I almost started crying right there at the counter. BUT I pulled it together and remembered that two days is REALLY no big deal in the big scheme of things. I was just a little disappointed. We can't afford the extra money to rush it so I will go pick it up on Thursday and go straight to FedEx to overnight it to our agency.

Our agency will receive it Friday morning and will review it and overnight it Friday night to the translator. The translator will receive it Saturday morning and will most likely mail it to China on Christmas Eve. Isn't that funny? If it all works out that way I will officially be DTC on Christmas Eve. I think that would be very appropriate. I guess we shall see huh?

Well... that is the story. I am really very excited and will just be SOOOO happy when we are finally DTC!! We came home and all crashed and took naps. We were all wiped out. So now we are trying to get things back together. More later. I literally have mountains of laundry forming in our laundry room. Hee hee hee. Hugs, Angel

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