Friday, December 14, 2007

Do you have a little boy waiting?

Our agency still has little boys waiting in China for their families to come forward. AND the orphanage I just visited in Guatemala is looking for families for 4 sweet baby boys. If I was going to adopt from Guatemala again it I believe it would be through this orphanage. Here is some of the info on their blog about the situation...

Just a word from my heart:

Adoptions are going through the final steps of changes in Guatemala. We have just a few days to get some children placed for the year 2007. The last days for cases is coming to a close end.

We have FOUR baby boys looking for forever families and NO families with Papers ready. I know that many people talk to people by Internet and maybe you know someone who is waiting and paper ready.

What we need:

• Willing family to love and care for a baby boy.
• Home study that has been approved with infant boy (or 2) on the last page of the referral section.
• With I 171H approval paper in hand. (Papers submitted to BCIS in your state)
• Willingness as a couple to travel to Guatemala next week with Dossier in hand and to sign power of attorney to start the adoption.
• Willingness to take care of 1/2 adoption cost at the time of the referral agreement.

For more info please on the Guatemala situation go to this website and click on EN blog or e-mail me at

Also e-mail me for more info on the waiting children in our China program.

THANKS!! Angel

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Farrah said...

Angel I know my family has a little boy waiting somewhere in the world...I can just feel it.
And we are currently getting our I171H updated,And I thought if I just sign a POA before Dec.31st I would be safe..But we litterly cannot swing the funds right now!
In my heart it is time to start another adoption, But in our check book it is time to wait. I'm not very patient and I torture myself looking at the waiting children site and I just cry at the thought of these children never being able to have forever families..One way or another we will have another child in our lifes. And I have to continue to ask for everyone's prayers that this happens. Hopefully sooner than later but surely in GOD's perfect timing Madisyn will have a little brother!

Love ya Angel