Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dear Mr. Post Man

As many of you know we are waiting on our fingerprint appointment to come in the mail. We need to get this done so we can get our I171-H. This is the last paper we need so we can send everything to China. That step is called DTC... dossier to China. I JUST NEED ONE MORE THING! I am trying not to get crazy. Really, I am... BUT I stalk the poor mail man every day. EVERY DAY... looking for my mail. So yesterday I wrote him a poem in a tantrum. No I didn't give it to him. It was more like therapy. I just wanted to share it with you...

Mr post man bring to me

What I need for DTC

I can't stand to wait any longer!

I need that paper

I wish I were stronger!

AAAAACCKKKKKKK!!! No fingerprint appointment in the mail today. Whhhhhyyyyy?????

Yes. I spent time writing a poem about my MAIL. SUE ME! I'm a desperate woman. :0) Angel


Whitney said...

If it is not the mailman, its email, or forums, or your own blog for new info (guilty). I am looking forward to the day when I do not panic if I leave my cell in another room! But I have not been as creative as you were to write a poem for the phone. :)

Praying tomorrow is a good mail day! I will use my trip to the mailbox as a reminder to pray specifically for you all and sweet Kaiya.

Gotta go...left the phone downstairs. :)

Jane-Jane said...

a mommy's passionate heart will make her do some "desperate" things.... I personally love your passion!

Erin said...

Angel, you don't know me, but our husbands work together. We are adopting from Vietnam and sent our I-600A and HS on Nov. 6th, recieved our fingerprint appointment Nov. 28th, and it is scheduled for Dec. 19th. Hope this gives you an idea of the turnaround for our local office. I pray that today is the day you can stop stalking the postman.

Ellie said...

Ohhhhh... New Look.... Like it!

But Dawng...(as Angelena would say) where is that darn letter for those finger prints...

Let the stocking begin... BUT DON'T GO POSTAL!



Mom&Dad to A & J said...

Man oh man do I remember those days. When we were waiting on our I-171H I was totally nuts about the mail. Then it came when we were out of town on vacation!

Gotta go stalk the forums and blogs with Whitney. Like she said we are always waiting on something.


Christina said...

Love your poem...LOL.

A Special Family said...

I am thrilled you are adopting again!