Sunday, December 30, 2007


Wanna hear some of the latest cuteness from our little KK? Of COURSE you do. ;0)
Kaitlyn- Mommy, why can people not adopt kids from Guatemala right now? Is it cause they are making new logs?
laws baby... laws.. hee hee hee

Daddy- Kaitlyn you are just getting too big I think. You aren't going to grow up on me are you?

Kaitlyn- OH YES I AM DADDY! I am going to GROW up. So you better just WATCH OUT!

I believe her. Don't you?

Kaitlyn- Mommy is there a sealand?
Me- What baby?
Kaitlyn- Is there a SEA LAND??? ( getting annoyed)

Me- Baby I don't know what a sealand IS.

Kaitlyn- You KNOW MOMMY!!! (Huge Sigh) It's a little place. Cause they have Disney WORLD and Disney LAND. Do they have Sea World and Sea LAND?

How smart is that little booger? She has her own way of thinking but it SURE is fun and interesting. ;0)

Kaitlyn- What are the clouds made of?

Daddy- What do you think they are made of?

Kaitlyn- Hmmmm.... I think something REALLY squishy.

Kaitlyn's meal time prayer....

God...... Thank you for this food.... it is good food and this food is yummy food. Please help people to go potty ON the potty.... and help mommies and daddies NOT have a hard adoption. Amen

Children are such a blessing. Every moment with my children is a treasure. I pray that I soak in each moment and be so careful not to take it for granted. It seems that every time I blink my sweet babies are growing older and more wonderful. It is my deep desire to treasure the best gifts God gives. It does not matter how he brings them to us. Whether they were planned or a surprise... wanted for years or rejected.... whether they came from our womb or the womb of a mother across an ocean... they are gifts, rewards, as valuable as arrows for a warrior in battle. Why does our society often view more children as a burden? It seems God views them very differently.

Psalm 127

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

The fruit of the womb is a reward.

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior,

So are the children of one’s youth.

How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them;

They will not be ashamed

When they speak with their enemies in the gate.

I want to remember to see my children bounding into the room as a pleasure and not an interruption. I want to hear their stuttering, stalling sentences as adorable and not frustrating. I want their squishing into my bed when they heard a noise to be precious and not intrusive. Most often my irritation comes from my own failure to grow. Most often the things that my children struggle in are bad habits they learned from me. I want to see my children through God's eyes.

And they took to him little children, so that he might put his hands on them: and the disciples said sharp words to them. And when Jesus saw it, he was angry, and said to them, Let the little children come to me, and do not keep them away; for of such is the kingdom of God. Truly I say to you, Whoever does not put himself under the kingdom of God like a little child, will not come into it at all. And he took them in his arms, and gave them a blessing, putting his hands on them. Mark 10

When I see my children's hearts I see God's heart. When I see the way they love- whole heartedly and without reservation- I see God's love. I have so much to learn from my treasures. So much about forgiveness and trust and unconditional love. Love your babies tonight. Take time to treasure who they are. We are so honored to have them. I am honored that God will send me more of these priceless treasures.

It is not a slight thing when they, who are so fresh from God, love us.

-- Author:Charles Dickens

Love, Angel


Christina said...

How sweet. I often say I wish I would of wrote down little things my girls had said. I now know to do that with Aiden.

Tricia said...

AMEN! What a great reminder!!!!!! And your family is so precious!

Hoping you are heading to China very SOON in '08!

Tracey said...

Your girls are BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats on sponsoring such a cutie pie!

GDS said...

Well said, Angel - and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Jenny said...

I don't know if you remember me....I had e-mailed you about a month or so ago about info regarding waiting children. Anyway, thanks so much for your post. My husband and I talk all the time about how so many people can make you feel that raising kids is a burden...when in reality it is such a privilege from the LORD! Thanks for your kingdom perspective on that! Have a blessed new year.

Jenny C.
Mom to 2 homegrown kids, and 1 adorable guatetot!

Anonymous said...

Hi Angel,
I've been following your site for about a month now, re-directed here from Heather's blog. your post today is beautiful... so true ..and a nice reminder to all of us! Yesterday my 6 yr old was on my lap, and he saw the picture of DD and said Aww .. she's so cute! How I wish I could convince my dh to adopt! We have two older teenagers (his from a previous marriage) so he is not really wanting to add a fourth, but I would in a heartbeat. I would love for my son to have someone closer in age. I am in awe of you .. your two girls are beautiful and you have done such an amazing job with both of them! Good luck for getting Kaiya soon! Thanks for all you do to help the orphanage in Guatamala you are a true inspiration. Happy 2008 .. I am sure it will be a super one for you! Greetings from Montreal Canada...

The Allums Family said...

I am at work right now. I am just reading this post trying not to cry;) It has been a really hard week for me and my husband. We got bad news on our adoption on New Years Eve.
This post is one of many reminders of why we are in this journey of adoption. I am just amazed at your little girl's prayer! You are doing something right!
I pray that when we finally get our precious Nathan home, we will be the parents to him that God has called us to be so that he may grow to be like Jesus!
I pray you get your precious Kaiya home very soon! She is Beautiful!
God is so Good!

Ellie said...

Crackin' up about KK's prayer - I have two boys so I pray the prayer about people going potty ON the potty too LOL!

Love the Dickens quote, I have a plaque with that on it that I bought when my firstborn was a few days old . . . . it always brings back to me the amazing feeling of being a mommy for the first time.

Big hugs to my YiWu buddy :