Thursday, November 15, 2007


LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! I got a newer picture of my Kaiya! This was taken by a mommy picking up her sweet girl a few months ago. Kaiya's referral picture was taken when she was only 11 months old. It was also taken when it was cooler weather so she was in LAYERS of clothes since they usually have no heat in the orphanage. This picture was in August. So she was 15 months old. Isn't she A DOLL BABY???? :0) Look at those buff arms. At first I wasn't sure if it was her or not but if you compare the nose and mouth there is no mistaking my girl!!!

It means so much to me that this momma took the time to take this photo when she didn't even know me! Getting photos from China is not a regular thing usually. Most of us Guatemala adoptive mommies get spoiled! :0) Getting update pictures every month is such a wonderful privilege that most orphanages in China can't afford. I would be thrilled to my toes to spot a picture of my baby on any blog or forum- just to know she is OK. I'll be scouting- trust me.

It's funny, I was in Guatemala doing photo sessions for 62 kiddos. I kept looking at each one of them wondering what she was like.... I would especially watch the ones her age. I wondered what she looked like and wished there was a momma at her orphanage taking pictures. Then I got home and there was this picture of my baby. I felt like I just got a little present from heaven- a reminder that God is in China with my baby girl.

What a blessing. I can't even tell you.

NOW FOR MORE BIG NEWS!!! Our home study is COMPLETE! This was a huge step and I mailed it to the immigration office today. I am so thankful that so far everything is clipping along at a nice pace. It has been a wonderful experience.

Now I will answer a few questions you guys have had for me lately.

1. Q:What province is Kaiya from? -

A: Kaiya's province is the Zhe Jiang Province

2. Q: I would LOVE to do a China adoption, but I think we would not meet their requirements as we have so many kids. If they are special needs are the rules more lax? -

A: China will give family size waivers for families adopting a special needs child like Kaiya. So it is very possible to adopt from China with a large family. In fact I know several large families who have adopted special needs kiddos from China. These special needs can range from a child being a bit older, to cleft palate like Kaiya, to more severe needs.

3. Q: The song is just beautiful . Who sings that? I would love to have a copy of it. -

A:The video I made for my mission trip was set to the music "What Now" by Steven Curtis Chapman. What an amazing man!! I love his music.

4.Q: Just one question... How does one leave all those little faces? [in Guatemala, after the mission trip] -

A: Well... it involved some tears. Sweet babies are in my heart forever. It helped knowing that almost all of those babies had mommies and daddies waiting for them. Otherwise it would have been tempting to smuggle a few. Hee hee... just kidding.

5. Q:Would you mind if I shared this on my blog?-

A:Just so all of you know... I never mind any of you using the info on this blog as long as it's used nicely. I want to help in whatever way I can. It's an honor to share with you. :0)

6.Q: First, do you realize how much Zoe talks like you? In this short year she has picked up on your mannerisms and expresses life like you. I had never seen you on video.... way cool!-

A: THAT IS SO FUNNY! I never noticed. I am going to have to start watching that. Hilarious.

Got more questions??? Ask me!! HUGS TO YOU!!! Angel :0)


Scarlett_333 said...

Wow- she is beautiful! I am so happy that for you that everything is running smoothly.

Powell Adoption said...

I am so excited that you got a new picture of your baby! God is so good, he always knows what we need. So I have a few questions...I was wondering how much a SN China adoption cost? Also what are your thoughs on adding another culture/race to your family? When I think about the future even though Te and Ellie have only been home about six months I think about an asian or african child and how they would feel growing up with white parents hispanic siblings and speaking both spanish and english (we are speaking both to the children). It might be a bit strange for them! So I am just thinking and praying about what the next step may be but I just wanted to hear your thoughs on all this is. If you don't want to post about money ect you can e-mail me at

Sig said...

I was spoiled by the adoption process in Guatemala. Now I have to beg for a picture of Ana. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

hey Angel,
How special that you got another picture of Kaiya! We were just talking about the fact that you might not get any more pictures and then bam! God is so cool! :) Miss you! DebbieT

Lynn said...

She is a sweetie! I am so excited for you....I have been lurking at the CHI waiting child forum. Did you know they have a person designated to work with families living abroad?


Dimple Queen said...

Angel, thanks for sharing your heart! I love the pictures of the kids at the orphanage and the ones below are beautiful!!

As far as the comment on Mr. Steven Curtis Chapman....I couldn't agree more!!! Have you heard the one on his new CD titled Cinderella??? OH MY GOSH!!!! With all the little princes's you have, you will bawl!!!

BTW..I am starting a study on Emotional Healing on my blog...if you know anyone that would like to stop by let them is Stormie Omartian..."Lord I Want To Be Whole"

I'll be keeping up with your newest adoption...praying for you all!


Melissa said...

Your daughter is absolutely adorable. So happy for you to receive another photo of her!

Amy said...

I am so happy that someone was able to return the blessing that you were able to give our family. Pictures in the wait are precious!
She is beautiful!

Christine said...

She is so beautiful! I had no clue about China making exceptions for large families. We are in the process of adopteing from Ukraine and most likely our son will have special needs.

I'm glad to have found your blog. :)

Terri said...

She is so beautiful! She does have buff arms! You are so blessed to have this precious baby girl!


Heather said...

Oh Angel - she is beautiful! Thank you so much for letting us follow your journey to your new daughter. I will be praying for a smooth process and a quick homecoming.

Thanks, too, for sharing your mission trip with all of us. I enjoyed every, single update about your trip to Guatemala. You are truly doing God's work and I am so glad you let us witness it!

Have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving!
Love & FROG,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! I will live vicariously through you, as I would love to adopt another. But as a single mommy, I just don't have the finances to do it now. Thanks so much for sharing this journey with us!!!