Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More about my new baby...

In case you were interested I thought I would fill you in on a little bit about where Kaiya lives. I stole this map from Ellie! :0) Kaiya lives in YiWu. That is right below Shanghai and very close to Hengzhou.

This is a part of her SWI- I think that is short for Social Welfare Institution... Is that right?

The front gate to her SWI

What her bed looks like. Not complaining about my back anymore! :0)

The playground at her SWI

Beautiful country

Here is a river in the city

Some beauties from YiWu

The city
The skyline of YiWu

Pretty amazing huh?? It wasn't what I was expecting. How about you?

:0) Angel


Anonymous said...

Hi Angel!
It is very cool that you got those pictures! It is so totally NOT what I expected China to look like, but it is very beautiful! The river running through the city is really neat too - looks like it would be a fun place to walk! DebbieT

Christina said...

Everything looks very nice except for those hard wooden mattresses..poor baby.

Scarlett_333 said...

Wow, it's beautiful!! I can't wait to see more pictures of your gorgeous daughter!!

PeWee said...

The city is enormous! MUCH more so than I had thought! Beautiful in many many ways. I'm hoping that crib is just a "playpen" not that children actually "sleep" on a wooden mattress.

Natalie C. said...

what a beautiful city, but one question, is she really sleeping without a mattress?

Ellie said...

WOW... That was amazing... Beautiful in every way... I can say that even with no mattress, the place still looks clean and tidy. Hopefully, they have a little cushion to support their little backs...


Jane-Jane said...

love all the green around such a big city!

Farrah said...

WOW it is beatiful but then again I have been watching Survivor I have seen some of it.

Your baby is so lucky to be coming to a family with you!
You are an amazing person Angel and one of my best people!