Friday, November 09, 2007

Let's have a moment of silence...

For my camera.... :0( Yes.... it broke yesterday right in the middle of my photo session with more than 60 precious babies!!!!!! For about one minute I wanted to cry till I looked around me and remembered what was important in that room. It WASN'T my camera either. :0)

I am so grateful that I was able to borrow a wonderful camera from another lady and finish the photo shoot for the parents monthly updates. It took me 1o hours of work to complete it but it was a great feeling. I hope and pray that all you mommas and daddies are happy with the pictures.

I tried to pick out pictures that reflect the personality of your little ones. I am only sorry I didn't have more time to spend with each one. Some of your sweet kiddos were NOT impressed with this crazy white chic trying to take their picture. Hee hee... BUT they are such dolls that we got lots of cuteness despite that.

Well, here's to my camera. Sigh... Angel


Our Adoption Journey said...

Bless your heart! What a feat! Sounds like a lot of work, but o' so much fun too! I can't wait to get updated pictures of my precious boy!


David and Marianne said...

Thank you Angel for laboring today to give all of us a priceless gift of pictures of our babies! I know you know what this means to us and I am so grateful for your desire to serve the Lord in this way. Can't wait to see them...I'm just dying to see how much Sarah(Nicol) has changed : ) Maybe we'll get them sometime next week!
All of His blessings to you!

Amazed by grace said...

Thank you for Angel! I'm sure all us mommas and daddies will love the pictures. We so appreciate your hard work! Thanks for blessing us and our waiting kidos!

Amy said...

Thank you oh so much for taking the pictures. (it's a lot of work!) Those pictures each month are so wonderfully precious to us families!! Thank you!