Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hitting my wall and closing the zoo! :0)

So I think I hit my wall today. I don't think I am sick really but I definitely think my body was giving me warning signals...

WARNING! WARNING! If you do not stop you WILL crash.

So I am listening to my body and taking a break. Tomorrow I have to run an adoption related errand and do a little school with Zoe but that's all we are doing. It's also really nice cause Zoe has school on Thursday but then she has no class till the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

YAYYYY! Praise the Lord. It is perfect timing. We could use a break. So we are going to take plenty of time this next week to "close the zoo." Do you remember the post on that? If ya don't here it is...


We try to live that way....

ANYWAYS! That's what's up today. More mission trip updates coming. Don't worry. I still have a TON of pictures to upload. Hugs, Angel

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