Monday, November 05, 2007

Babies and Potty Breaks

While I am typing I am holding a sweet baby on my lap. I just gave her a new set of clothes and made sure she was all clean and lotioned. We laughed and giggled. I've been teaching her to wave "Hola" to people and say "da da." She is smart as she can be. While I type she keeps banging on the key board and messing me up. Cute little mess! :0)

For those mommas out there with babies here.... rest easy... they are so loved! I will write much more on this later but I am so impressed by the love that is in this place. I can say to you that I can only hope and pray that my sweet Kaiya in China is receiving the wonderful care that your children are receiving.

Yes it is busy and a little wild. :0) Put this many kids anywhere and it's gonna be a ton of fun!! Hee hee! BUT the caretakers are precious. I have been here day and night watching them pour themselves out for these children. I greatly admire the work that is being done here. I encourage every parent who has adopted from here or is going to adopt here to see if you can find the funds to come and help them love on these children. Every time I rock one of your sweet children to sleep, fix their hair or wipe off their sweet little faces I pour love on them the way I pray someone will love on my Kaiya in China today.

We are the hands and feet of Christ... it becomes more real to me every day. What would happen if all of us began to pour out our lives for each other? The joy I feel when I wipe boogers off these sweet babies noses far outweighs the joy in doing things for myself. I truly don't know how to describe it. Our concept of joy is too narrow. It is my great honor to be here. Hugs, Angel

Now I will teach you ALL about a Guatemalan rest stop! Ya don't stop at a gas station like in the U.S.

Here's one place you could stop. Isn't it cute? BUT here is the really fun part.

You PAY to go potty. Then this sweet little man hands you your ration of toilet paper.

There you are on the side of the hill in you toilet cave. It's so funny! BUT they were clean and they flushed. So I am happy!

We had some fun with it!
Showing off my toilet paper. Oh YEAH!
Here's where you wash your hands. Pretty cool huh?
On the plus side- when you finish with the potty this is your view. WOW!!!! Way better than my gas stations in Texas. :0) I love it here.


Anonymous said...

awesome post!

LOL! @ the bathroom part!

the first time i found out that i had to pay to use the bathroom was at a zoo in El Salvador!


Lou said...

I WISH I was there with you! Next time I am GOING!!!!! Love on some babies for me......

Dimple Queen said...

Angel...sounds like you all are having a blast and getting to love on little ones all at the same time....What a life!!


Shelly said...


I loved reading your post about Eagle's Nest!

Have you had a chance to give Mama Maria the photo album of Drew?

Thanks so much!

Our Adoption Journey said...

Hello! I just came across your blog and see you are on a mission trip at the EN in Solola. My husband and I are in the process of adopting a little boy who is currently at the EN. His name is Cristian Alexander...we call him Mason. Enjoy your time there and have a safe trip back home.

jenniferwilkens74@hotmail dot com

Wendi said...

we miss you! wow! what a view!... but beyond just made me want to wipe boogers...something I take for granted most days - like today, for ya girl! I just may be with you on your next may not be able to keep me away. :-)

Anonymous said...

I was a lurker for a couple days on your blog...then Wenddy' I just started my own. I am very new and do not know if I am handling things there an etiquette to blogging?

Anyway-just have to tell you-your spirit amazes me. From the love you show your children to the love you show other's is simply amazing. Thank you for doing what you do.

When you have time-either contact me directly or post generally about how to get involved in mission work. I have 5 children, but I am determined to take time away and take a trip by summer 2008. My teenagers even want to join in.

Enjoy every moment...

Anonymous said...
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Candy said...

Bathroon..TOO FUNNY...OhI wish I was there. Ok girl I have a Tiny Little Job For you...I am so wanting to talk Shawn into another one rightnow while we are already approved for two under 11 years of keep your eyes out for me will you...I would like a ZOE CLONE...haha...No really I would love to do an older girl adoption right now but all the little sweeties I have checked on so far are unadoptable or already have families....HUGS and can't wait for more pictures

Deidre said...

Hey Angel,

I just found your blog and saw that you are at EN. My husband and I are adopting a little girl from there and we are heading down to see her in a couple of weeks. Her name is Rosa (although I have seen Rosita on some things.) If you have a chance before you leave, please give her a kiss and hug from us.

I hope that you continue to have a wonderful time! I have loved reading about your stories. The potty story is great!

Praying God's blessings on your trip!
Deidre King

Jane-Jane said...

better than in Thailand... most places you get a "squatty-potty", no toilet paper and MAYBE cold water to rinse your hands off with. And that is Bangkok! I can't imagine what it is like in the northern hills!

Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

love the post on how our window of joy is to small....

you rock, my friend!