Thursday, November 29, 2007

WE HAVE PA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY!!!!!!! This means that we have recieved pre-approval from China to adopt Kaiya as long as we send the appropriate supporting documents (our dossier) proving that our statements on our LOI (letter of Intent to adopt her) were valid. AND it's one major step done. WOOHOOO! We are officially matched with Kaiya by the government of China!
NOW! I just need to get this I171-H and we can get this dossier sent to China. That is when the real count down begins. Anyone who has had experience recently with the Houston orphan petitions office please let me know how fast it went. We should get our fingerprinting letter any day now- like today I hope. Unfortunately, Russ is out of the country till Wednesday. AAACKK! :0) So we will hopefully get our fingerprints done Thursday or Friday.... SO HOPEFULLY we will get the results a week after that and get our I171H. I know that is quick but I have heard the Houston is very quick. Come on HOUSTON!!!
Oh and about the beds- yep I think that really is their mattress. I don't think they sleep on traditional mattresses from everything I have seen. Poor sweetie pie. However, I am extremely grateful to hear from other parents that they have their needs attended and seem well treated. I pray that someone loves her. It's more important than the wood she has to lay on. Well, she is going to go from that to a cushy king size bed fit for princess Kaiya! :0) I am coming to get you as SOON AS I CAN baby girl. Ohhhhhhh..... I am getting so excited. If only I could jump on a plane today you KNOW I would.
Hugs! Angel

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More about my new baby...

In case you were interested I thought I would fill you in on a little bit about where Kaiya lives. I stole this map from Ellie! :0) Kaiya lives in YiWu. That is right below Shanghai and very close to Hengzhou.

This is a part of her SWI- I think that is short for Social Welfare Institution... Is that right?

The front gate to her SWI

What her bed looks like. Not complaining about my back anymore! :0)

The playground at her SWI

Beautiful country

Here is a river in the city

Some beauties from YiWu

The city
The skyline of YiWu

Pretty amazing huh?? It wasn't what I was expecting. How about you?

:0) Angel

Monday, November 26, 2007

We've been ELFED!

I wanted to embed this but can't figure out how soooo go check it out. My friend Debbie "elfed" our mission trip crew. It is me, Amy, Debbie and Jenny. We are kick butt elves huh? It has music so turn it up or down if you are at work! Hee hee. ;0)

TOO FUNNY! Made me giggle in a major way. Just had to share it with my blogger buddies. Hugs! Angel

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Soccer Boy!

My man is getting old people. :0) It's the big 32 today! Hee hee... You know we met when I was still 18 ALMOST 19 and he was 20. I have been crazy about him ever since.

Russ, I can't begin to describe how thankful I am for the day you were born. You are the most phenomenal person I have ever known. I do not say that lightly. I know you will do things in your life that will amaze everyone. Yet I won't even be a little surprised. I know it is in you. I see it unfolding right before my eyes.

YOU, Soccer Boy, are the best decision I believe I have ever made. I looked at you years ago and saw a Godly young man, a risk taker, a go getter, a world changer. Plus you are easy on the eyes! :0) I love you soccer boy! You are truly my best friend.

I KNEW I could not find a better man to share my life with. I had people tell me I was crazy to marry you so young. I remember in particular this one guy was telling me I should NOT get married. He said I needed to go "live my life" and have some adventures before I got married. I told him that my life was NOT going to stop when I married you. I told him- I wanted to live my adventures with YOU.

Well, if only he could see us now. :0) The Voice Of Adventure is our whole motto! I can't begin to fathom my life if you had not been born. You are everything to me. I would line up every man on Earth and choose you all over again. We have gone places and done things that people think are CRAZY!!! Not only do I ADORE you but we are great together! AND it's only just begun my friend. Getting older with you is exciting. Life is just getting more fun by the minute. Every year our eyes are opened more. Every year with you is unforgettable!

Bring on another year baby... It's gonna be the best yet.

Crazy HUGS for my sexy soccer boy. Love you... Chipmunk
P.S. I would get THIS for your birthday if I COULD baby!! Hee hee... This is Russ' dream car everyone! Hee hee.... :0) I could just see it now...Russ driving the weiner mobile! ;0)

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Hey there! I haven't abandoned you all. It's just that I got sick. Not horrible sick- just coughy, draggy sick. It's no fair really cause I tried to take it easy and I STILL got sick. Oh well.. I don't feel horrid so I am just gonna be grateful! I'm sure I'll be my old self in a day or two. :0) There is some irony here though. See... I made it through an entire week in Guatemala holding 62 kids with various germs and colds and got NOTHING. Then I came home and immediately caught a cold from Kaitlyn. Funny. Gotta see the humor there. Angel

Thursday, November 15, 2007


LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! I got a newer picture of my Kaiya! This was taken by a mommy picking up her sweet girl a few months ago. Kaiya's referral picture was taken when she was only 11 months old. It was also taken when it was cooler weather so she was in LAYERS of clothes since they usually have no heat in the orphanage. This picture was in August. So she was 15 months old. Isn't she A DOLL BABY???? :0) Look at those buff arms. At first I wasn't sure if it was her or not but if you compare the nose and mouth there is no mistaking my girl!!!

It means so much to me that this momma took the time to take this photo when she didn't even know me! Getting photos from China is not a regular thing usually. Most of us Guatemala adoptive mommies get spoiled! :0) Getting update pictures every month is such a wonderful privilege that most orphanages in China can't afford. I would be thrilled to my toes to spot a picture of my baby on any blog or forum- just to know she is OK. I'll be scouting- trust me.

It's funny, I was in Guatemala doing photo sessions for 62 kiddos. I kept looking at each one of them wondering what she was like.... I would especially watch the ones her age. I wondered what she looked like and wished there was a momma at her orphanage taking pictures. Then I got home and there was this picture of my baby. I felt like I just got a little present from heaven- a reminder that God is in China with my baby girl.

What a blessing. I can't even tell you.

NOW FOR MORE BIG NEWS!!! Our home study is COMPLETE! This was a huge step and I mailed it to the immigration office today. I am so thankful that so far everything is clipping along at a nice pace. It has been a wonderful experience.

Now I will answer a few questions you guys have had for me lately.

1. Q:What province is Kaiya from? -

A: Kaiya's province is the Zhe Jiang Province

2. Q: I would LOVE to do a China adoption, but I think we would not meet their requirements as we have so many kids. If they are special needs are the rules more lax? -

A: China will give family size waivers for families adopting a special needs child like Kaiya. So it is very possible to adopt from China with a large family. In fact I know several large families who have adopted special needs kiddos from China. These special needs can range from a child being a bit older, to cleft palate like Kaiya, to more severe needs.

3. Q: The song is just beautiful . Who sings that? I would love to have a copy of it. -

A:The video I made for my mission trip was set to the music "What Now" by Steven Curtis Chapman. What an amazing man!! I love his music.

4.Q: Just one question... How does one leave all those little faces? [in Guatemala, after the mission trip] -

A: Well... it involved some tears. Sweet babies are in my heart forever. It helped knowing that almost all of those babies had mommies and daddies waiting for them. Otherwise it would have been tempting to smuggle a few. Hee hee... just kidding.

5. Q:Would you mind if I shared this on my blog?-

A:Just so all of you know... I never mind any of you using the info on this blog as long as it's used nicely. I want to help in whatever way I can. It's an honor to share with you. :0)

6.Q: First, do you realize how much Zoe talks like you? In this short year she has picked up on your mannerisms and expresses life like you. I had never seen you on video.... way cool!-

A: THAT IS SO FUNNY! I never noticed. I am going to have to start watching that. Hilarious.

Got more questions??? Ask me!! HUGS TO YOU!!! Angel :0)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Guatemala In Photos

I stole everyone's photos to post here.... Aren't they amazing?? Thanks for sharing guys!