Monday, October 29, 2007

Tom Davis Interview!!!

THAT'S RIGHT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! Last weekend Russ and I went to a conference where Tom Davis- Author of "Fields of The Fatherless" and "Red Letters" was speaking. He was so gracious and even did a four part interview with us so that I could post it on my blog for our book club and share it with our church. We were so inspired by what this amazing organization is doing. If you haven't checked out his blog you can just zip on over.

Here is the web address to the organization they were talking about. You will find out more about this organization in the weeks to come cause I am CRAZY for it!! One of our upcoming interviews is about Children's HopeChest.

We did a book club here on the blog covering his PHENOMENAL first book "Fields of The Fatherless." Right now I am reading his second book "Red Letters" and WOW!! We may just have to have a second book club guys! It is awesome. You should just go buy it now. Seriously. It's good stuff.

If you missed the book club and are interested in reading the posts covering the Fields of The Fatherless they are archived on the right under the Fields book club section. In my opinion it should just be required reading. Hee hee. ;0)

Going to this conference was just so cool. It's rare that I get to meet people with the same sold out crazy vision that we do! This is THAT kind of group. You people know what I'm talkin about!!! These are wild and and crazy world changers. I was like SIGN ME UP! I have this gut feeling that we might be at the beginning of a very cool ministry involving this group. I don't know guys. Stay tuned cause you NEVER KNOW what we are gonna be up to next. WE ARE CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY!!! :0)

These people are taking on the issues that many parts of our church body has shied away from and tried to ignore. There are countries going extinct right now- on our watch. Millions of children being orphaned because of diseases that are preventable and poverty that could be overcome. It is heart breaking and UNACCEPTABLE. I can't sit on my well fed tushy and deal with it anymore. I am ready for more than that. Guys... I don't know what's cooking but it's HUGE. I don't know when it's gonna happen but it's GONNA HAPPEN.

Adoption isn't enough. We are passionate about adoption and will continue to adopt. Adoption is absolutely beautiful and I praise God for the way He places those in need in homes. It is an amazing phenomenon. BUT it is a band aid on a cancer called poverty and disease. I'm taking it on... I know there are those of you out there who are with me on this. Your hearts just ache with knowing there is more you were meant to do. Don't make the mistake of feeling powerless. There is so much we can do.

All right now the good stuff. Try not to pay attention to my wild head nodding. :0) OK SOOOO HERE WE GO!! Enjoy. Heeeeeere's TOM!


Kerry said...

I listened to every word! I bet you had a great weekend. I would love to meet him one day.

The McKenzie Crew said...

HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like my heart was't already ripped out of my chest for this stuff ....

I can honestly say that God himself has been reshaping my eyes, my ears and my very heart for this.

Change is difficult for many of us - growing really can hurt - but obedience to God and what he created us to do is reality if we are what we say we are.


Are we Christians - are we Christ Like? Is our passion - are heart beat - the same as our Lord's???

God in heaven I pray that you wil open the eyes of your people to see the needs and that you will not let us rest until we are walking and living out YOUR plans for our lives....

I love you Sis,


PS - give Tia Beck and Polka Dot a hug from me:)

Karen Huggins said...

Hi Russ & Angel,
Karen Huggins here - can't believe I saw you on Tom's blog - have wondered about you two for years - lost track when you went to Washington. Barry and I are in Colorado Springs(last 3+years). Met Tom and Emily soon after we came. Have an adopted Ethiopian grandson(Ben and Lauren's son). Love your website. Contact us with your phone/address - want to talk to you.