Monday, October 08, 2007

Special Prayers for My Friend

Blogger buddies.
Would you please take a minute to go over and support a friend of mine.

Here is her story in a nut shell. Her family decided to adopt a little boy from Guatemala around 2 years ago I think. He had a paper work problem very similar to the one Zoe had that got us thrown into a rectification process. He was in that process too.

This friend lives pretty close to me and we got in contact when both of our cases were going terribly wrong. She is still waiting for her sweet boy to come home right now. Zoe has been home almost a year.
During that time they decided to start another adoption process for a baby girl. They thought she would be home by now but for some strange reason PGN threw them into investigations.

She just found out this week that her baby girl is incredibly sick. They do not know whether she will make it. My friend is rushing to Guatemala tomorrow to try to help her baby girl in any way she can. This little girl desperately needs to come home. Please pray for this family. They have been through the ringer and I am just amazed at their strength and faith.

Would you go leave her a comment? You know what this blogger community can mean to us in these moments. Please say a prayer for her and her sweet baby.

Here are some of her latest blog entries...She has given me permission to post them.

How Do I Even Say This???
Update: In the past 24 hours PBJ has gone downhill. The scan of her brain shows she has hydrocephaly and that the pressure has cutoff blood to important parts of her brain. They are searching for a surgeon who can perform the tricky procedure to insert a shunt to try and save what parts are not damaged, but it may be too late. There seems to be little hope of saving my precious daughter at this point. Please, God, if she is meant to be with you, take her quickly and painlessly. Give her her wings and make her perfect. I am booking my trip now.

Something is wrong. Very very wrong with PBJ. I got an e-mail yesterday morning form the agency telling me they had her scheduled to see the specialist for her head. It was just precautionary, to be sure nothing was really wrong. Then, later, I got a call. Before they could take Peri Brynn to the doctor, the foster mother called in apanic to say she had collapsed. She was laying there playing and she just collapsed. The coordinator scrambled and got her to the doctor right away. The doctor was so concerned by her un-responsiveness and lack of muscle tone that he first immediately ordered blood work to see if she had ingested poison or some drug. When that was negative, they had her scheduled for a head scan and a series of x-rays. They were trying to get it all done last night, but maybe had to finish up today. They will call us later with the results.

Here is where I am so thankful for a good agency. They are just as worried as I am. In fact, the director broke down on the phone and was crying because she was so upset. We talked for a long time. She said she thought I needed to go down there immediately, but I want to see what the results are so I can do some research before I head out. She said they have other children I can meet and I can have my pick. She said that she has a family with a grant for a special needs child and she can place Peri Brynn with them. The unspoken word was ....if she lived.

I am trying to stay positive. I know she was trying to prepare me for the worst case scenario, but I have to believe it will be OK.

Please pray for my sweet child. It is so hard to be so far away and not know anything, not be able to hold her and see for myself or make decisions based on reality. I have never been so scared.

First, thank you so much for the prayers and support. It has absolutely blown me away and yet it has lifted me up and given me the strength to keep moving forward.

We still don't know much about PBJ's condition. I just don't know how she could have deteriorated so fast. Or if she is even as bad as they made it sound. Not knowing is the worst. I have a flight down there early Tuesday morning. Tomorrow I will make arrangements here to have doctors ready to look over her records and give me opinions. I will be meeting with her doctors down there Tuesday afternoon and get copies of all the records to send up here. It is also possible we might be able to get her a medical visa to come to the US immediately. We will try but the US Embassy has not been very supportive of that type of thing, especially not with all the other issues going on right now. I can't even depend on our own government to help us.

I will be travelling alone but a dear friend suggested that our mutual friends who are missionaries down there could come be with me and provide emotional support. The thought of having to do this alone is terrifying and I am so grateful to have someone there to lean on.

I will keep updating as often as I get information. Thank you, all of you, again. Your comments and prayers are wrapped around me like a great nig hug!

I have had no news since Saturday. The agency has been unsuccessful in getting the doctor to fax the scan results (it's the weekend, and apparently the doc is off) I have no idea how she is doing, if she is in the hospital, if they found a specialist or if she had surgery.

You know, a few weeks ago when her case got sent to investigation, I was talking with a friend and joking that at least nothing else could go wrong. We had already hit every stumbling block possible. How wrong I was.

Hopefully later today I will have news. I fly down tomorrow morning so at the very latest I will be getting the real scoop by tomorrow afternoon.

OK!!! Go see them.

Hugs! Angel

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