Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Our first adoption discussion class

Hey all. I know I have been skipping out on you guys a little. Sorry! I have been really busy. Tonight was our first adoption discussion group at church. Russ and I were asked to lead. We are calling it our "Fields of the Fatherless" discussion group. It will be held in 4 week sessions. (hopefully several times a year if people sign up for it) We will be going through the book together and addressing the groups questions and concerns about adoption.

I WAS SO NERVOUS!!! I have never led a class like this before. These poor people are my guinea pigs.

That being said... I think it went great. It is such a great group of people!! Russ and I are so excited to see couples with such awesome hearts wanting to learn more about God's heart. They were such cool people and very open.

If any of our group is out there reading this... YOU ARE SO GREAT! Thanks for being patient with us while we figure this thing out. We couldn't ask for a better first experience. :0)

Over the next few weeks I will try to write all of my info for the class on the blog so all of you will have it.



Amy said...


You do a great job of putting the Lord's heart for orphans on your blog, I'm sure you will do a great job facilitating this group-I love the name of the group!

Jeffery said...

I am sure you guys did great!
Scott W