Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kaiya Q&A

Kaiya Rain Zhen
forgiveness and abundant blessing- precious


Some of you were curious how we came up with the name. We loved the meaning. We are big on name meanings for our kiddos. We know that our newest sweety pie is going to have a lot to forgive at a very young age. She will need forgiveness for her precious first mother who could not care for her. She will face that she was given up because she is a girl and has special needs. What I want for her in her life is the gift to be able to forgive easily and fully and receive the "abundant blessings" that her Heavenly Father wants to give her.

Then of course Zhen is her legal name now. The director at our agency said they probably call her ZhenZhen which means precious-precious. AND SHE IS PRECIOUS!!! :0) So we will call her ZhenZhen as her nick name and to honor her country.

For those who are wondering what our other daughters' names mean...

Kaitlyn Elise

Pure Gift to God

We pray that is her life is always a pure gift to God. She has such a precious little heart that reflects her name. Pure describes her perfectly.

Krysta Zoe Mirna Aracely

Divinely Chosen Life

We want her name to always remind her that God chose her long ago to be with us even though she wasn't born into our family. He has great plans for her. Also my middle name is Christine which is from the same root as Krysta.

Mirna means "peace" and Aracely means "alter in the sky". Mirna was the name she went by in Guatemala. Aracely was her middle name and is also her Guatemala mommy's name. We did not feel comfortable taking away either name without her permission as she was so much older when she came home. Especially since one was her mother's name. We kept both to honor her and her Guatemala mommy. When she is older she can decide if she wants to drop any of it.

How long will it be till you go to China to pick her up? We are expecting it to be between 6-9 months before we travel. Soooo I think May-July. BUT I am trying NOT to get hooked on a date. If you followed my LAST adoption process you know why! :0)

How does the adoption process in China work? I will do my best to tell you the process. I am just learning the process for myself though. So I can't promise it's all perfect.

LOI- Letter of Intent- This is the first big step. You send your letter of intent to China declaring your desire to adopt a particular child. The government reviews your paperwork and gives you pre-approval if they believe you will be a good match for the child.

PA- Pre-approval - This is the government of China stating that as long as your dossier backs up your statements in the LOI you will be approved. This step usually takes 4-6 weeks

DTC- Dossier To China- When all your paperwork (including your I 171-H- US permission to adopt an orphan from China) is done you mail it to China and wait for a log in date. People wait different time frames. I think it's usually a month or two till you get a log in date.

LID- Log In Date- Getting a log in date means that day is when your file began to be reviewed by the court. This time seems to vary a bit. I think it is usually a month or two after your log in date till LOA.

LOA - Letter Of Acceptance- This is the letter of acceptance. It says that you are approved to adopt this child and you will travel soon. Usually you will travel about 4-6 weeks after LOA. You sign it and send it back to China as a final acceptance.

TA- Travel Approval- comes a 2-4 weeks after LOA... This means you can buy your tickets and get on a plane to go get your baby! You will travel about 2 weeks after TA.

When you travel I think you usually fly into Bejing. You sight see for several days and then fly to your child's province for about 6 days. Then after that you go to Guangzhou to finalize everything. Then you go home!!!!

OK.... That's what I know. If I got anything wrong please to let me know. I know I have some awesome new China forum blogger buddies!

Feel free to ask more burning questions! Hugs, Angel


Christina said...

All of your children's names are beautiful and really have great meaning.
I can't wait to follow the journey via blog with you to bring Kaiya home.

ManyBlessings said...

What beautiful names! Thanks for explaining the process. I somewhat understand it now. Where are you guys on that timeline?

Natalie C. said...

I love all the meanings of you childrens names and thanks for all the info.

Tricia said...


A huge CONGRATULATIONS to you and your family!!!!!

How are the girls reacting to the exciting news of a new sister?!

We will keep this new journey in our prayers!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so thrilled for you and excited to follow your journey to your beautiful China doll! Those cheeks!! She's precious! Can't wait to meet you in person next weekend in Guatemala!!! DebbieT

Jenny said...

Hey Angel,
You don't know me but I have been reading your blog for about a year....I know, I am a lurker. :) I found out about your family through Candy and Kya. We have 2 bio kids and our 3rd child is from Guat. I am so thrilled for you guys to see that God has directed you to this little treasure! We are investigating possibilities for a 4th child and with everything going on in Guat. right now, it looks like God might be directing us else where. I am curious how you were able to choose a waiting child without a dossier done or I-171H? Do some agencies let you do that? We have talked about the special needs thing and aren't real familiar with how the process actually works to get a referral if you are going that route. Thanks and congrats again.

Blessings, Jenny C.