Monday, October 29, 2007

Just precious

I HAD to share this blog with you. This sweet family is picking up their little girl from China RIGHT NOW.
The story of their first day with their sweet little one was so precious. She is adorable. You can also go back and see more about their trip and their overall journey if you are interested in knowing more about what we are doing.
It was too good not to share. I get kinda choked up thinking that soon we will be writing about our first day with Kaiya right on this blog.
Wow. Hugs, Angel


Candy said...

Do you know how to find out about a baby on the No Boundries BLOG??? Yes I have been up for hours looking at China Blogs...Thanks alot Girlfriend...HAHA

Christina said...

Thanks for sharing. I love reading about all the little ones.

Amy said...

This was a precious story, now I am in tears.

amber said...

Thanks for the link -- I love reading about happy endings to all the waiting!!! It gives me hope!!