Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Galveston getaway

This last weekend my family found a new favorite place!! We live about an hour away from Galveston and have never liked it much. The beach has generally been dirty and they didn't have any nice resort type places to stay. BUT I had heard there was a new place that was really great so I coerced our friends into trying it out with us. IT WAS SOOOO GREAT! We all had a blast and are now IN LOVE with Galveston. If you live near us you REALLY need to check this out. Just e-mail or comment and I'll give you the 411 on it. ANYWAY!! We totally surprised the girls with this special weekend. We are also celebrating Zoe's upcoming one year anniversary with our family!! (Nov 1st)So this was a great family time.
This is the condo we shared. It was 3 bedroom and so NIIIICE!!

Here is the thing.... I LOOOOOOVE to travel and do new things. If you read my blog you know that.
I used to want to be a travel agent or flight attendant... ANYTHING that would let me travel for free. :0)

I also hate staying in cruddy places. :0) I like shnazzy! What you don't know is......

I AM ALSO REALLY CHEAP!!! Well, I PREFER to go with thrifty but CHEAP is also pretty accurate. Hee hee.

There are just too many awesome deals out there to go spending a lot of money on a vacation. We have figured out how to do a weekend at Sea World for $100-150... a weekend at the beach for $300-400...2 weeks at Disney World for about $1,500..
AND YES that includes food, tickets, hotel, and transportation for a family of 4...

We are seriously NOT independently wealthy. :0) HA HA!!! My thrifty friend Wendi and I just make it our mission to take the coolest, cheapest trips possible. It takes a little more effort and preparation but for me it's WAY worth it!

If you guys are interested I'll write a post and share all my best secrets for cheap family getaways. Any takers???

OK. Back to business... Here is the view from our condo.

This is the beach club. It has an infinity pool, kids pool, lazy river, hot tubs, work out room, restaraunt, bar, cabanas, grills.... it was so cool!
Here is the boardwalk to the beach.
Here are the footprints of my favorite little beach bums.

little model!

making sand castles

Taking some family beach pictures

Madeline-4, Lilly-2, Wendi and Sam holding William-almost 1

playing horsey


4 screaming girls against one helpless Daddy!!

My buddy for life ,Wendi
Awwww my sweet hubby. I love this man!

Cooking s'mores around a camp fire

THE END! YAY!!!! We can hardly WAIT to go back!!!! :0) Angel


Farrah said...

OH wow Angel looks like a great weekend...No wonder you didn't answer my emails...LOl

I'm very curious to see how you travel Cheap.... We never do anything because we are so cheap!!

wendi said...

Love all the pictures...I need to get posting...

Christina said...

Such beautiful pictures and I too am interested in knowing how you travel cheap....with 6 in the family it seems as if nothing is cheap for us anymore...lol.

Lynn said...

I like it!! What is the name of the resort in Galveston? It looks like you had fun! I need your cheap travel tips, too. I love the picture of you and Zoe!!


Reba said...

I would love cheap travel tips.

We went to Galveston this past summer for a week. It wasn't cheap (rented a beach house) but it was honestly one of my favorite and most relaxing vacations I have ever had.


Anonymous said...


I don't know if you will remember me but I went to college with you. My name is Laura ......... I worked with Sam ...... in the Center for Academic Excellence...and did you work there too for a little while? I remember you somehow. Anyway, it's funny because I knew Sam either when or right after you and he were dating... I believe. So I love it that ya'll are family friends now. It's funny the twists life takes! I became very close to my college sweetheart's wife, and we both always thought it was odd, I think.

Anyway, I came across your blog from Tamra ....... site and just read it for fun. I would LOVE to hear about vacationing cheap! I definitely have no idea how to do that, which is why we don't take many trips. I just assumed you were wealthy, so I'm intrigued that you're not and can travel on a budget! :) Do tell your secrets!


ManyBlessings said...

I'd love those tips!! And my goodness, what beautiful pictures. :)

Angel said...

HEY LAURA!!!!! What a small world it is. :0) YES... We all worked at the center for academic excellence. AND YEP YOU'RE CORRECT! Sam and I dated. It's so funny seeing people's faces when they hear the story. God had a plan but I sure would not have guessed it back then!!! HA HA! Now Sam and Wendi are some of our closest friends in the world. I guess I should tell that story one day. :0)

I love Tamra's blog. She is SO precious. I am glad you found me. Do you have a blog??

Keep in touch! Angel

Natalie C. said...

The picture of Zoe and Kaitlyn on the beach is the BEST!! Yes...please, please post about cheap family getaways. I am always looking for a great deal. Again, sorry we will miss ya'll on Saturday for Calebs B-day.

Mom2noah said...


I HAVE to know about the $1500 trip to Disney! P~L~E~A~S~E~ :) I just can't beleive that! :)


Put us in the KNOW, Girl!! :)


Pattie H. said...

Hi Angel - I've never commented on your blog before but I follow it and I love it. I am a step-mom of 3 and they do not live with us, but one day I hope to have a forever child in our home. I am interested to know your cheap travel ideas. We love to cruise but it's expensive, any suggestions on finding affordable cruises? We live in South Florida so it's easy to get to the ships.
Thanks for you amazing and refreshing blog site your children are so beautiful!!!
Be Well

Amy said...

This looks like you had an awesome trip! I love the thought of thrifty get-aways! Love to hear your tips! We have a large family so thrifty is the only way to travel.

Lucinda Naia said...

OH! I'd love to hear your travel tips because I am a travel fiend....

Just returned from London. Want to go to Istanbul next February & I think I need to plan now.

BTW, gorgeous photos!

Preiss said...

Hi Angel,
Looks like you all had a fantastic time at the beach.
Would you please e-mail me? I have a special request for when you travel to Eagle's Nest.

Lou said...

Girl, we are CHEAP and POOR ;)
Fill us in on cheap get aways!!!
love you!
HEY! When r u coming to stay in Alabama???? Your lodging is free!

Dana said...

What great pictures and a beautiful family! We too vacationed in Galveston this past summer and were truly delighted--the kids had the best time!!!

Dimple Queen said...

Love the pictures and I would love to hear about that place in Galveston...we are only about 50 miles from there now!!!

I probably don't need to say this now since so many others already have...but DO share your tips on cheap travel!!! and the Disney thing would be a great one to hear...Carlton and I would like to go there not this coming summer, but the next....so planning ahead is a definite!


Jane-Jane said...

I would LOVE info for cheap get-a-ways!!!

Looks like you guys had a great time... rest is good!

amber said...

I LOVED all the pictures! You guys looked like you were having the time of your lives... I wanted to jump right into those WARM beachy pictures! I can hardly believe you were in a SWIMSUIT! OUTSIDE!... the same weekend that we had a winter storm warning for the mountains around our place.... (see, it's heading toward the half of the year where I sniffle about the cold here and want to live where YOU do!!! :)

Glad you had such a great time!