Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Tomorrow we celebrate our Zoe being home with us. The journey to bring her home and make her a part of our family has been the most life changing journey I have ever experienced. I am so grateful that God has brought this precious princess into our lives. She is a miracle. We are honored to be her forever family. I made this video as a gift to her and a gift to you. You have followed part or ALL of our journey. :0) I thought we should take a look back together to remember how far God has brought us!
I don't think I have ever asked for an official de-lurking in my 2 plus years of blogging but I think it would be so cool if everyone left their first name and the general area they live- that's all you have to leave if you want. Then Zoe could see how many people care about her. :0) Would you please help us with that?? Then we can look at the globe with her and show her all the places in the world you live. She is VERY into the globe right now!! It's really easy. Just push leave a comment and choose the anonymous button.
THANK YOU BLOGGER BUDDIES! YOU ARE AWESOME!! Thanks for being a part of this journey and the many to come.
Here's to you Zoe girl. :0) Love, Momma


The McKenzie Crew said...

Zoe's story is a world changing story.

Zoe - we love you and we think of you as part of OUR family too. You are so beautiful on the inside and the out. Never forget how much you are valued and what amzing worth you hold. You are a precious gem to your heavenly Father and he loves you more than your imagination can even think up.

You are such an amazing and strong young lady. I am so excited to be able to know you and watch you as you continue to grow into the incredible woman that God created you to be.

Give yourself, your Momma and Ka-Ka a BIG hug from me and from:
Juliana, Curtis, Mac, Erin, John-Bryan, Abby and my husband Bryan.

We love you and we celebrate this special day with you and your amazing family:)


Farrah said...

WOW I can't touch Julia's comment but that is one awesome family.

Zoe, I have never met your family in person but I know I will one day. You are an awesome person and have an amazing family. You have tault the world so much already and you keep up the good work.
I'm so very proud of you.
And the family you have is wonderful, Stay strong and know that there is alot of people out in this world that love you dearly.

WE Love ya girly....Jed,Farrah,Madisyn..

Krystal said...


Happy 1 Year Anniversary with your Forever Family! You are a beautiful girl, with a BIG story that has touched so many people. You are an amazing, precious child. Thank you so much for letting your mom post pictures and stories about you on this blog, because it brings us so much joy to see you happy! We love you and we pray for you.

Hugs from Kentucky,

Farrah said...

I have to add that video brought tears to my eyes..What a wonderful person you are Zoe.

Donna said...

Hey Zoe - I have loved learning about the "Princess from Guatemala." God has amazing things in store for you! Your smile is contagious and I'm sure you light up any room you enter! God bless you!

Love, the Clyde Family
Bailey, Colorado

traceylynn1591 said...

Congratulations Zoe!

Tracey from CA.

Anonymous said...

It has been so wonderful to follow your story on your momma's blog! You are an amazing little girl with an amazing family. Congratulations on your special day!
Debbie T

nikki said...

Happy 1 year forever family. Your spirit and wonderful personality come right thru your mommy's blog. Thank you for sharing your life with us!!!
Nikki and Olivia
New Jersey

Katie said...

Zoe - You are a beautiful girl who has a aweseome family !! Happy one year !!

Love ~ Katie from South Carolina

Anonymous said...

I am a lurker - but I really enjoy your blog. We are in the process of adopting a son from Guatemala. Zoe is absolutely beautiful and you guys are really blessed to have her as your daughter.
Michelle/ Alabama

Laura said...

Happy Forever Family Day, Zoe! I just found your mom's blog recently. The story of your whole family - in Guatemala and in America is an inspiration to me and to many! I have a Guatemalan princess in my family too!

Laura from Michigan

Anonymous said...

Zoe, Nani is crying. The video was just like watching your "birth" into our family. We did not get to be with you when you were born and have only had you for one year, but I can't remember your not being a part of our lives. We love you so much and are so proud to have you as our granddaughter. I feel God has wonderful plans for you, and we are happy to just be along for the ride. Remember that God has commanded that you honor your father and your mother. You are so special that you have two sets of parents who love you, so please honor them all. Your Guatemala mother gave you your start and made you the sweet and wonderful person you are. John 3:16 says basically that God loved us so much that he gave his only Son so that we shall have everlasting life. Well, your Guatemala mother has honored God and you in the highest way possible: She gave up her child (you) in order to give you life. For that I am in awe of her and am very grateful to her for her gift of you to us, so honor her love and her sacrifice by honoring God, honoring your American family, and by becoming the person God would have you be. I pray God has let your Guatemala mother know how special you are to us, so her heart will not ache so much when she misses you. I do know you are greatly loved by and are ver special to your American Mama and Daddy. They will mold you into the person you will become, so pay close attention and honor their direction. We love you. Pop and Nani (Texas)

Christina said...

Happy Forever Family Day Zoe. You are such a beautiful young lady and I thank you soo much for allowing your wonderful mommy, daddy and little sister to share your life. Hugs sweetie.

Christina and Aiden(Indiana)

Chaos said...

Happy FOREVER Family Day Zoe!! I just found your Mom's blog the other Day, and though we are adopting form China (DD #2!!), She will be 7-yrs old when we bring her home...soooo...I am learning from you and your Mom!! How cool is that?!
Big hugs

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Our little girl came home to St. Louis on October 27th of last year. Your timeline was very similar to Flora's.

We live a few miles from the Mississippi River. (Hopefully, it is on your globe!)

Enjoy the special day!

Flora (I'll be 2 years old this Saturday!)

Susan said...

Dear Zoe,

Reading about you and your family is so fun. It's fun because we get to see what amazing things God is doing in your lives. You are such a blessing!

I know that you have a fantastic future and it's going to be a great adventure for you and your family!

May God continue to bless you and use you all the days of your life.

Stacy said...

Hi, Zoe. I met you in Guatemala a very long time ago. It's been so nice watching you grow up. Your family waited so long and tried so hard to bring you home to Texas because they just knew what a wondeful girl you are. Congratulations on your first Forever Family Day!
Stacy in NY

Nicole said...

You are a beautiful girl with a beautiful family! Congratulations on your Forever Family Day!!
Nicole in Alabama

Lena said...

Angel!!! Hey. I've been reading your blog. You are so amazing. I just can't believe how big your heart is!!!
Your whole family is just unbelievable!
Many many blessings!!!!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful you are!!
Happy Forever family day!!!!!

kelly in Maryland :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful girl you are. I am in awe of your amazing family that the Lord brought you to. Always live your life for Jesus! We have one adopted from Guatemala and are on our way to another one. We love you and have never even met you.
Happy Forever Family Day!

Lisa from Illinois

Pattie & Rob Miller said...

Zoe - Happy 1yr Forever Family Day!! I read your blog and It's addicting. Zoe you are such a special girl and you are loved by such a special family. It melts my heart to see such Joy in you and your families eyes and voice.
I hope all your Dreams Come True sweet girl. Angel & Russ, you are a special couple.
Sending Sunshine your way from Sunny South Florida!!
Pattie Miller

Princess D said...

Hi Zoe,

I am so happy that you have now had the love and security of your forever family for one whole year. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and good health. I told your mommy before that I was in Guatemala at the Marriott when your family was visiting you. I remember seeing you playing with your sister and friend in the pool. You looked so happy and it brought tears to my eyes to think of how lucky your parents are to have found you. You are a truly beautiful little girl and I hope you know how many people love your spirit and happy smiling face.
Big hugs,

Diana in California

ale said...

¡Feliz aniversario Zoe! Que sigas teniendo una vida feliz con tu familia tan linda. Abrazos desde Guate, Ale

Kerry said...

Zoe, you are blessed, sweet girl, as is your family. I hope I have the honor of continuing to watch you grow and become a wonderful young woman. You have already changed the lives and hearts of many, and I know you will continue to do so. God has big plans for you, sweetie. BIG plans!

The Collins family in Georgia.

Diane Larson said...

Shine on, Zoe!
Diane in Iowa

Anonymous said...

Happy Forever Famill Day Zoe!!

Tina, Ohio

Mom to Tobias and Liliana from Guatemala

Anonymous said...

Hello Zoe,
we are a family from switzerland and me and my 4 girls love to read your family's blog...we foster two little ones from guatemala,a boy and a girl...
All the best to you all!
tatianna from zürich

Anonymous said...

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Zoe, your short little life has been such an journey. Your life is such an encouragement to me because YOU are evidence that God is sovereign and our true, master planner. What a blessing that your mom has chosen to share your story to witness to so many!

Meridith Copeland

Anonymous said...

We were all blessed the day you joined our family!

Much Love,
Steve, Laurie, Daxx, Kassie and Karina

Hutto, Texas

ManyBlessings said...

Hey Zoe,
It's been amazing to watch you grow and change from the time you joined your forever family until now. :) You are a precious young lady (and a great big sister!). Have a great day with your family and know that many out here feel honored to "know" you. :) Bless you sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Well...Nani's comments have me crying! Such love. I'm glad my Halloween makeup isn't on yet. :)

I just wanted to say "Happy Forever Family day". I am so moved by your beautiful story and truly believe with all my heart that God has amazing plans for you. I read your mommy's blog everyday and feel so blessed to have stumbled across it.

Gods plan in action...after reading your story, this mommy of 4 in KS is looking into adding to our family through adoption. I only hope God send us a little boy or girl as amazing as you!

Lots of love from KS!


_karen_ said...

Zoe you are forever blessed with this loving family of ours!


Los Angeles, CA

Mandy said...

Happy Forever Family Day! De-lurking again to wish you the very best of life has to offer. I enjoy reading about the journey you are on with your family.

Mandy from OH

Anonymous said...

Happy forever family day Zoe!! I went to college with your momma! Your story confirms my calling to adopt after I get married! God has such special plans for you...and we love watching you grow in His perfect plan of love!

Debra from The Woodlands, TX

Anonymous said...

Happy Forever Family Day Zoe!!
You are a beautiful young lady...inside and out. You have been blessed with a loving christian family who loves you with all their heart. I know God has a plan for your life and I look forward to watching each step that He has planned for you. You have brought such JOY and LOVE to your Forever Family and what a treasure this journey is for you all.

Your Mother and Dad are special to me. I have know them since their college days at UMHB with my daughter and son-in-law. It is such an amazing joy to see where God is taking your family.

I will continue to follow all that God has in store for you as your journey continues.

Love and admiration to you all,
Sandra at Santa Anna, Texas

margaret said...

I have followed this blog for a while, and it was certainly a special day last year when you came home with your forever family. You are a wonderful girl with an amazing family. It has been great to see you grow over the past year. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. We hope to meet you one day.

Margaret, Mommy to Helen (home from Guatemala Dec. 2006)

Deb said...

Dear Zoe,

I started following your story right after you came home. Ihave watched you grow and blossom. May this day be a wonderful day filled with positive memories. May your heart be filled with the love of your birth mother, your foster mother and your forever family and may you pour that love back out to them.

God Bless you,
Deb and Aidan (OH)
AKA Momma and Little Bug

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe,

Happy Forever Family Day. I think everyone who reads your mom's blog falls in love with you. :) I'm glad you are all together as a family, and I know how lucky your new little sister will be to have you and Kaitlin as big sisters.


nora said...


Our daughter came home about a year ago too! Here are many wishes, blessings, prayers and thoughts from the City of Minneapolis, in Minnesota!

nora (and Julia, born in San Juan Sacatepqeuz, Guatemala)

Anonymous said...

You ROCK Zoe!!...My two daughters (6 and 16) from Guatemala and I call it "Happy You're Here Day" and I know EVERYONE is happy you are part of your family's and friends' lives FOREVER!!
xoxoxoJulie from Maine

Reba said...

Zoe, I remember praying for you before you were even here. I found your mom's blog and was immediately caught up in her faith and your sweet smile. I was so happy when I found out you were coming home. What a blessing you are to your family! Have a wonderful day of celebration!
Reba (in Northwest Arkansas)

Whitney said...

Happy 1st forever family day! Your are such a beautiful girl that the Lord has great plans for!

In His Grace,

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little girl so full of life just like her name.
You are so loved. What a beautiful family!
Zoe, Erik, Blythe and William Speer
Good Ole' Belton TX

Betsy said...

Bawling my eyes out. I feel so privileged to have been part of your journey. I loved meeting Zoe on your second trip (could have been 3rd as I lost track) to see her, my first and only to meet my little Savanna. I remember thinking how beautiful, sweet, and loving Zoe was and how happy I was that she would be part of your family.
Zoe, I hope one day we will meet again. I love your spirit and your big heart. Happy forever family day, sweetie.
Betsy from California

Heather said...


Happy Forever Family Day!
You are such a beautiful girl on the inside and out and I am so honored to be able to follow your amazing story!

May God watch over you and always hold you tight!
Love & FROG . . .
Heather & Family

GDS said...

Zoe - greetings from a fellow Geography Nerd! Aren't globes and maps awesome? GIS day is coming up soon - google it and you'll see what I mean.
Have a great family forever day!

Greg S
Reading PA

Anonymous said...

Happy Forever Family Day Zoe!

We know lots of boys and girls that have found forever families. Approximately 35 older children will have come home by the end of this year!! They all lived in Ukraine before coming home to their families in Alabama. We hope to bring a sweet little brown-eyed boy home soon.

Thanks for sharing your story with us. You are a beautiful little girl.

Angel my sister, Lynn, will be traveling with you in the spring. I'm jealous, I know it will be an amazing trip and I miss her.

Joan in Alabama!

Jennifer said...

Hey Zoe! I knew your mommy before she had any daughters and am sooo happy to be able to see how much her little girls are growing and how happy they are! We are moving to Texas soon, so I am sure we will get to meet you!

Love, Jennifer and Abbey

amber said...

Oh, I loved the video! Jo sat on my lap through it and was enthralled!
What a year!
Zoe, you are SUCH a special person. I feel so privileged to have had the chance to read about your journey... I hope I get to continue following along as you grow... and maybe I'll even get to meet you someday!
Happy Forever Family Day!!

With love,
Amber (NE Washington!!)

Mary said...

Hi Zoe I am in Southern Ohio.Your a very Beatiful young lady.Ive enjoyed Your journey.May God Keep Blessing You.

Lynn said...

Happy Forever Family Day!

Zoe, We love you here in Doha, Qatar. My daughter, Abbey is 9 and she would love to be your friend! She loves reading about you and Kaitlyn. I met your mom through this blog about your family and your fun times together! Your story has inspired us to want to adopt one day!

Love, Lynn Collins and family

angieshaffer said...

That was an amazing tribute, Angel! Zoe, I love watching you grow with your family. I have a 9 year old daughter who just came home from Guatemala 5 months ago and you are alot like her...full of life and love!

Anonymous said...

We love and adore ALL OF YOU guys! Zoe- Happy Forever Family Day- your sweet smile and courage has changed more lives than you will ever know. You are a hero in my book. Take this life you have been given and LIVE it to the fullest. I know God has an amazing plan for you sweet girl. Be happy always and celebrate being YOU! We love you! And thank you to your awesome mommy who makes me grow each day that I know her. Love you Angel! (((HUGS))) Amy (see you tomorrow!)

Alisha Madden said...

Hey......ZOE......!! Happy Family DAY!

Let me tell you this! I can say, without a doubt, that if it was not for you, I would NOT have my daughter from Guatemala. After I was asked about her coming to be with our family, I got on the internet & read HORROR stories of people who were ALL telling me that it was not a good idea. I began to think like they did. Then, I received an email from YOUR MOM! She told me how happy you had made her & not to listen to all of those horrible things the other people were telling me. Follow my heart. I could hear her happiness through the phone lines. After that, I began our paperwork to bring Mari home. So, thanks to you & your Mom......our family is now complete.


Wisner, Louisiana

Mom&Dad to A & J said...

Happy Family Day! A whole year home - what a great day.
I'm right in the middle of Alabama.

Natalie C. said...

I have loved and enjoyed watching you grow and chage this past year...Happy one year!

Natalie, Kevin, and Caleb (Texas)

Debbie said...

Hi Zoe-

I have followed your life for the last year and I am in awe of you. You are such a beautiful person and I know that you will go very far in life. Happy 1 year forever family day to you.

Debbie - Philadelphia, PA

Anonymous said...

Happy Forever Day, Zoe! You are a beautiful little girl and it looks like you are such a caring big sister to Kaitlyn.
~Molly from Minnesota

Ellie Puls said...

Hola Zoe~

I have watch you grow to an amazing little shy, child to this amazing beatiful little spirit, with TONS of energy. You have been through a lot for being so young.

I am so happy to see that you have your FOREVER family. You are a wonderful Big Sister and Daughter to your sister and parents.

Your mommy has aloud us to just see a glimps into your past and present, and I know your Future will surpass what you have ever imagined...

Just Believe, sweet child... Follow your dreams...

And Angel... Thank you for allowing us to follow your dreams... I hope someday our paths will meet and we can have ALL the kids together and meet eachother.

Bless you all...

Ellie, Angel(ena) and Angel(o)

Benicia CA

Holly said...

ZOE, Happy ONE YEAR of being with your forever family! You are growing into an amazing young lady! May God Bless you always!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Zoe...
Can't believe it's been a whole year! I have loved watching you learning, changing and growing through your Mom's blog. Your Mommy and Daddy are so blessed to have you. Your big smile warms my heart.
God bless you!
Gina-Stafford, Texas

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Zoe! You have a great family!
Jennifer from Houston

Angie said...

I am a lurker coming out with tears coming down my face from watching the video.I have been following your blog for about 6-9 months now and have grown to love your family and admire Zoe for her courage and bravery. There is NO doubt in my mind that the work of God was at hand when Zoe was placed with your family.

Zoe - You are an amazing girl. You are truly so brave. You are a beautiful child and I have no doubt that God has great plans for you. I feel honored to be able to watch you grow and learn new things. Happy One Year Forever Family Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Family Day!
You and your family are so blessed!
That was an awesome video!!

Lucinda Naia said...

Dear Zoe,

I found your mom's blog after you were already home. Even though I didn't follow along as they journeyed to Guatemala to find you, I read the story your mom posted in one LONG entry.

Someday I hope to adopt a daughter from Guatemala. I don't know what my story will be or how our journey will happen. I just know that I hope to be as blessed as your mom is to have you in her life.

I send you lots and lots of joy & happiness from Arizona! If you ever have a chance to visit the Grand Canyon, maybe I'll have a chance to meet your family.

Enjoy every moment with your forever family! They love you LOTS and LOTS!

Blessings to everyone,

Anonymous said...

Happy Forever Day to all of you! Enjoy your many blessings.
Rose in Dallas

Anonymous said...

Happy Family Day !!

Bridget- Long Island, New York

Anonymous said...

Wow! A year already! I love reading about you and your family Zoe!
Danielle- Fredericksburg, Texas

Mamá to the best 2 said...

Happy FOREVER Family Day sweet Zoe! I love reading your mom's blog and getting your hear about your family! My husband and I have twin girls who were born in Guatemala, and I got to live down there for 5 mos before their adoption was complete! We live in Chicago, IL and are so glad we get to leave this note for you!!
lots of hugs!


Anonymous said...

Zoe, what a HUGE difference a yer has made! We were waiting with your mom & dad for our daughter too - and many times, it seemed nearly "impossible" for us to have our babies home! But God is and was faithful ... and our babies are home with so much love, support and encouragement surrounding them! We love you!
The Franklins--David, Doreen, Bryanna & Torrie
Port Saint Lucie, FL

Anonymous said...


Janna Belle - Oklahoma City, OK

Amanda said...

Happy Forever Family Day. You are such a beautiful child. Can't wait to see more pictures as you grow up
PS congratulations on the new sister.
Amanda and the Phillips
Hickory, NC

Melissa said...

Zoe - there is something so very special about you. You are truly beautiful both inside and out, and your beauty just shines through when you smile and laugh. You are such a blessing. Dream big sweet Zoe, I have a feeling you are going to make quite a difference in this world.


Emily said...

You are such a beautiful girl. You have a laugh & smile that can warm any heart. So glad we've gotten to "meet" your family thru the blog world.

Emily & family in VA

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful girl, a beautiful journey- a beautiful family! Love you!

Boise, ID

Shelly said...


Happy Forever Family Day!

Nashville, TN

Ellie said...

Hi Zoe,

Happy Family Day! You sparkle with life! Your family must be so in love with you. Your new baby sister Kaiya is living with our little girl Tia at the same SWI in China.

Big Hugs from Sydney, Australia

Ellie & Isabella (age 9)

Anonymous said...

Zoe, Your personality shines through in your pictures and you are a wonderful girl! Angel, I read your blog the whole time we were in process last year, our little girl came home from Guatemala last year after a faith testing ordeal, your blog helped me a whole lot! I learned I wasn't alone. May God continue to bless your family! Here's to YOU Zoe, we love you even though we have never met you, how cool is that? You must be one special girl, huh? But you already know that, just look how many people all over the "globe" adore you! I hope my little girl turns out as special and cool as you are!!
From Jana Garcia
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Anonymous said...

Umm...Umm...Zoe is my Big sister...she is sweet...she kisses me...she hugs me. She does what my mommy tells her everyday. I like it when we jump on our trampoline together. She is funny when she does this, (kaitlyn does this...shakes her head back and for like Zoe does)..."She shakes her head and hair like this" I would miss her if she was not in our family. I love her. From Kaitlyn Zoe's sister...From the house of Zoe

Anonymous said...

My Dearest Morning Star, You bring live to my very soul. God sent you to us all...I love you deeply and dearly... forever and forever. Your Star Polkadot Central Texas

Anonymous said...

My Dearest Little Morning Star,

You bring life to my very soul. You make my heart smile really BIG...Truly God sent you to us all...I love you deepy and dearly...forever and forever...
Your Star Polkadot :) From the Foster home in Belton, Texas

Anonymous said...

P.S. Ok..I mean that you bring life to my very soul...

Phyllis & Kristen said...

Zoe - Happy Forever Family Day! We love reading your blog and following your journey. You are part of a wonderful family, and we are looking forward to the day we can meet you all in person. You are an inspiration to so many people.
Kristen (from Guatemala) and her mom Phyllis
Oklahoma City, OK

Jane said...

I've been reading and watching you for almost a year now while I wait for my own Guate-girl to come home. And every time I read about you, I think, "I hope my baby girl is as funny, smart and loving as Zoe when she gets big!"

Panama City, FL
just south of Alabama on the Gulf of Mexico!

Kerri said...

Happy Forever Family Day! I've loved reading about all your adventures and look forward to reading about many more.
Kerri and Ruby
Tulsa, OK

Scott and Carolyn said...

Precious princess Zoe,
Congratulations on your 1st Forever Family Day! I LOVE the video...we love all your videos. You are an amazing young lady...and so beautiful too!

Love, Scott, Carolyn, and Elise (a princess from Guatemala too!) :)

Carrie said...

This is so beautiful for a beautiful girl and family.

I cannot believe it was a year ago already we met you at the San Carlos. We feel so fortunate to have met you and shared a little bit of your journey with you. You are so special and strong and have a wonderful family and life.

Your destiny and future is full of hope and possibilties. Live it to the fullest every day and enjoy it.

You are all amazing and we send you our love and wish you all the happiness in the world.

Carrie, Rich, and Savannah

Anonymous said...

Happy Forever Family Day, Zoe...I have followed your story for more than a year now, and I am so happy that you and your family have found each other! You are VERY special.

Donna and Isabella (age 2, from Izabal, Guatemala)


Anonymous said...

You have been blessed with a beautiful family and they have been blessed by a beautiful you.

Sugar Land

Jennifer & Derek said...


Happy (belated) Forever Family Day! You are such a blessing to your family and I love following the awesome adventures that you all have together. May God continue to bless you in all you do!
Jennifer, Derek & Elena
Columbus, OH

Preiss said...

Happy Forever Family Day! I have been following your story even before you arrived in the US. You are a brave girl and I wish you the best in life!
Merrill and Family
Medina, MN

Candy said...

Oh ZOE know we love you so much. You are such a RAY of Sunshine. Watching you grow and change this last year has been AMAZING...ever time I would see a video that your mom posted of you speaking ENGLISH I would cry HAPPY tears for you because you are so SMART and caught on so fast. I feel so BLESSED that me and Kya Blu got to meet you and do a little IKEA shopping. YOU ROCK MISS ya Candy and Kya Blu in OKLAHOMA...where the wind comes sweeping down the planes.

Anita said...

Zoe, I've been watching your story unfold here since we started our journey to our children. Your homecoming has given us hope for our family.

((HUG)) Anita, NY

Amy said...


You have a precious smile! The Lord has brought you so far in your young life. May you continue to see the Lord bless you and your family as you grow.

Happy (Belated)Forever Family Day!

In Christ,


BlessedWithDaughters said...

Dear Zoe,

I have been reading your mama's blog for a while now, and since we JUST got high speed internet, via some nifty new technology, I can now finally load your mom's site fast enough that I can now also finally leave comments here! Oh happy day! And I wanted my first comment here to go directly to you!

Happy Forever Family...much belated...Day! I know your family is so very proud of you for how smart and sweet and funny your mom describes you.

PS you are soooo pretty in your pictures!

Wendi said...

From the moment we heard about you until now, we have loved you. You are a blessing beyond words, and you have made all of us better for knowing you in ways you will not understand for many years to come. We are so thankful for your smile, your laughter, and your strong arms that hold baby William so adoringly. In many way, you are part of our forever family, too!

Anonymous said...

I am very late in getting caught up on my blog posts, but...better late than never, right??

Dear Zoe~
What a happy happy day it is, isn't it? I know in my heart that God picked you to be with your wonderful family, and handpicked your family to be with wonderful you! He has big plans for you. and loves you very very much, just like your family does. It makes my heart happy to know you are home, with them, and can pursude your dreams. You can be anything you want and do anything. Dream big, precious girl! Dream big!
We are also Texas folks, but live all the way on the other side. We hope we get to meet you all someday soon!
Congratulations on your special day!!!
Love Stephanie and Maya

Anonymous said...

You should be very proud of have learned English so quickly! I wish I was smart enough to pick up a second language like that =)

I have to tell you that you were beautiful in your pictures at 7 yrs old, but you have blossomed are stunning at 8. You look so happy and that sparkle in your eyes is something else!

Take Care Sweet Girl,

wvamom said...

Happy homecoming anniversary, Zoe! I can tell your mama loves you lots!

chitwood said...

You have touched my heart, you are such a special girl. You are blessed to have so many people who love and cherish you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe! I just got a chance to see your video. You are growing into such a lovely girl - inside and out. We are so glad you are a part of our family. Now I can't imagine a family event without your wonderful smile and great hugs! Love you! Lisa, Elsie and Greg (Pflugerville, TX)

Anonymous said...

YAY for ZOE!!! May God ricly bless your life!

That video totally made me cry!

Scarlett_333 said...

I know I am a bit late on this, but I saw this beautiful video posted on the McDonald clan blog and it brought tears to my eyes. Zoe is such a gorgeous little girl with the most amazing laugh.
Nikki, age 18 from Ontario, Canada

Kelly said...

Hi Zoe - what a beautiful girl you are! Watching you grow makes my heart sing. I also adopted a little girl from Guatemala and she came home 5 months ago. Her name is Caylie and she is so awesome and sweet. I hope she grows to be as smart and beautiful as you. You are a brave girl and we all love reading about you and KK...and now your new baby sister Kaiya!

Hugs from Deerfield Beach, Florida