Thursday, October 25, 2007

Even MORE Kaiya Q&A :0)

Where are you on the timeline? - We turned in our LOI the day before yesterday. It has to be translated and then sent to China. Then we wait for PA. While we wait we are scrambling to get our dossier together so we can send that to China as soon as we get PA. That buys us a little time. It isn't too hard since we have done this all before. Plus I must say it is a LOT less stressful and more streamlined than the Guatemala process. I am hopeful that we will get it to China quickly.

How are the girls reacting to the exciting news of a new sister?!- OH MY WORD!!! The girls are OVER THE MOON!!! There has been literal BEGGING for another sibling around here the last six months. They can't quit talking about their new baby sister. Zoe wrote about it in her "treasure book" (her journal for school) and read it to her whole class. She said the teacher was excited. :0)

Kaitlyn had to miss her ballet class on Tuesday cause we were busy getting the LOI paperwork done and overnighted. I was worried she would be upset but she said, "Don't worry Mommy. It's OK. Whenever you are working on stuff for my sister I will ALWAYS be right beside you!" Then she told me, "When I get bigger I'm gonna 'dopt lots of kids JUST like you mommy!"

The girls both keep combing through the house finding toys and smaller clothes that are now "Kaiya's things." All day I hear about how they are going to teach Kaiya this thing or that thing. I hear about what she will wear and how CUUUUTE she will be. What more could I want to hear from my sweet girls??? It's pure joy around here people!

I am curious how you were able to choose a waiting child without a dossier done or I-171H? Do some agencies let you do that? - There are ABSOLUTELY agencies that will let you accept a referral of a waiting child when you are not quite paper ready. Especially if you have adopted before. It takes a lot less to get your home study done and all.... There are MANY waiting children in desperate need of homes. Many with small correctable issues or maybe they are a little bit older. Anyone who thinks they might be interested please leave me your e-mail and I will try to point you in the right direction. It means you gotta MOVE your tushy and get that paperwork done but it's worth the scramble FOR SURE!!!!

Any more questions??? Bring em on!!! HUGS TO YOU! Angel and the crew


Jenny said...

Hey Angel,
Thanks so much for answering my question about whether or not you have to be paper ready to choose a waiting child. I really appreciated the info. Our home study is actually still current from our last adoption so I guess that would probably help things move along...we would just be updating it. My e-mail is and I would appreciate any direction you can give about where to start. Thanks.
Trusting Him,
Jenny C.

Holly said...

Just to add, that people generally run into more trouble if they already have an agency, are waiting for a referral and then see a waiting child listed with a different agency... that's when it's more difficult to pursue that child...esp. if you (most likely) have already paid an agency fee. That said, if you aren't already "signed on" with an agency, and you already have a homestudy from a previous adoption, it shouldn't be too difficult to pursue a waiting child! ;)

Angel, that is SO cute how your girls are behaving! How fun! :D

Candy said...

WHAT THE HECK...I goto Guatemala for a few days and I miss out on this news...CHINA..... A Girl and you are naming her Kaiya...OH MY GOSH...I am going to have to give you a CALL GIRL...CONGRATS

ManyBlessings said...

May I just CONGRATULATIONS again?!?!?!?!?!?!? This is so exciting and I'm sure from your post that things are rocking at your house too!!!! Can't wait to follow along on this journey!


Ellie Puls said...

Hi Angel~

I am so happy for all of you. I know that this is the path God wanted you and your family to be on. I have no questions for you, only praise!

If I had the means, I think every child that needed a home would be with me.

I look at all the waiting children and it breaks my heart to see them, with that unspoken look on their faces, and the heart gripping plead...

Oh Angel~ I pray that this journey will happen fast and all three girls will be going to the next Daughter Father Dance!


Ellie, Angel(ena), and Angel(o)

HEHEHE... Love the name... CAN YOU TELL!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Just think you were in Guatemala a year ago. We had such icky/similar timelines and a bio child at home. I really enjoy your blog! What a precious little addition she'll make to your family :-)

Princesa Flora - home 10.27.06!

Anonymous said...

OK.....Girl! You have to tell us what Provience she is from!! Alot of my friends have SPICY girls from Hunan! Just wondering!! :)


Carrie said...

I have been a little late on reading blogs, but we are SO happy and excited for you about the new addition to your family and your journey.

How wonderful for all of you!

My two nieces are adopted from China and they are truly gifts and we love them dearly (now almost 13 and 10).