Thursday, October 25, 2007

Conversation I overheard

Kaitlyn: Daddy WHHHHYYYYYY do you have to go to work???

Zoe: Daddy works for money for the house and food and clothes. (She is ever my grounded practical princess. It's so cute!)

Daddy: That's right KK I need to go to work so we can earn money for the things we need.

Kaitlyn: BUT DADDY!! You can just go to the BANK when you need money. That's what mommy does. She says I want money and they say HERE!!

Daddy: Sweetheart, Daddy has to work to put money IN the bank so Mommy can take it out and spend it.

Kaitlyn: Ohhhhhhh.....

Mommy: HA! HA! HA!!!! It's true KK. :0) Hee hee...

Gotta love that Daddy!! Thanks for getting that money in the bank sweetie. You're the bomb!!! I'll try not to make the bank hand it ALL over!!! If it's all gone blame it on Kaiya Rain Zhen. :0) Angel


Jane-Jane said...

I just LOVE your girls! Mommy and daddy are pretty cool too!

Anonymous said...

Ha I love My KK she is so darling! She makes my heart happy by all the funny things she says.....Send her my love!