Friday, September 14, 2007

The Tooth Fairy Blues..

I would just like to give a big shout out to the tooth fairy my friends. I mean she is seriously under appreciated. Until we come to that age where our children have teeth falling out of their mouth we do not even APPRECIATE the complexity of her position.
Here is this adorable child. She has a tooth fall out of her mouth. She expects to put this under her pillow and WAH LAH!
Ohhhhh easier said than done my friends. First the fairy must decide what the going rate is for the tooth in question. What has inflation done to the price of teeth. Are some worth more than others. What if the child's tooth fairy was not able to VISIT Guatemala in the past. Is there back pay and interest involved??
This POOR little tooth fairy has her work cut out for her. Said fairy has to wait until said child is SOUND asleep. She has to creep in ever so slowly praying this child does not wake. Her heart is pounding so loudly she is sure the child can hear it. She then has to REACH UNDER said child's head and find this tooth somewhere under there while not waking said child. The tooth is tiny and white. The sheets are white. The room is pitch black. You do the math. After wriggling around and holding her breath for 10 minutes she FINALLY gets the tooth.
Now to deliver the goods. She slips the money under the pillow and practically vaults out of the room breathing a HUGE sigh of relief.
She should be applauded my friends. APPLAUDED!!! This is no easy task. Could it be that this poor tooth fairy feels a shiver run up her tiny little spine whenever she hears that a new tooth has been lost. I don't know... I'm just saying.
Tooth fairy- wherever you are- YOU ARE THE BOMB!! You get props from me girl.


Kerri said...

How exciting for Zoe!

Kerri and Ruby

Anita said...

The Tooth Fairy is amazing, isn't she? So, what was her going rate?

Jane-Jane said...

that's a tough job!

Jane said...

My sister and I were just talking about the tooth fairy this week...what IS the going rate for a nice, pearly white baby tooth these days??? And just curious...was there an extra incentive for missed opportunities in Guatemala involved?

Jeffery said...

What is the going rate for the tooth fairy? -LOL Hope you guys are doing well!
Scott Webster-Anna's Dad

Lynn said...

We have the worst tooth fairy. Often takes her days to remember us and once left a Chuck E Cheese token by mistake.

Stacy said...

I think the Tooth Fairy has a regional network. In NY where I grew up, the Tooth Fairy made you wrap your tooth in a tissue before you put it under your pillow. I guess it was easier for her to find the tissue than it would have been to find the truth. In Florida where my sister grew up, the Tooth Fairy absolutely refused to go under the pillow. The tooth was to be left neatly on the night table. The NY Fairy paid about 25 cents, but that was 30 years ago. Fifteen years ago, the FL Fairy was paying $1.

Congrats to Zoe. I love the squeezed-shut eyes so that you get the better view of the missing tooth!

Melissa said...

My 6 year old is anxiously awaiting his first visit from the tooth fairy - though not a single loose tooth yet!

I too want to know - what IS the going rate????

Lisa and Elsie said...

Elsie and I decided to make things a little easier for the tooth fairy by putting the tooth in an envelope with the day Elsie lost the tooth written on the front. We felt the tooth fairy needed to know this information. The tooth fairy has personally thanked me for the thoughtfulness - the envelope made the search for the tooth sooo much easier.

Whitney said...

Try this for you tooth fairy fun:

Kelly said...

LOL I am laughing so hard!!! I totally feel the Tooth Fairy's pain. You are so great to bring out attention to all the poor girl goes through. It's no easy task. :) We usually have our kids put their tooth in a sandwhich bag so the tooth fairy has an easier time finding it. STILL I'm sure just getting it without waking up the kiddos is rough on her. :) CONGRATS to Zoe for another tooth lost and a visit from the tooth fairy! :)

Anonymous said...

HI! Congrats zoe! Here's a tip for the tooth fairy for next time!
Buy two IDENTICAL tiny purses or small boxes. Can be very inexpensive. Hide one. Give the other to the child to put tooth in as well as a written note for the TF. When the child is sleeping the TF can switch the money filled second purse for the one with the tooth. Child thinks the tooth has been magically "poofed" out of the bag as it appears untouched except for the gift inside and the TF keeps the note as a special souvenier! Attatching a ribbbon to the purse so it hangs out when purse is tucked under the pillow makes it easier to pull out for the TF too:)


Love the post -- too funny. Was there extra compensation for missed opportunities in GC?

Also, I tried to disprove the existence of the tooth fairy in my older and "wiser" years. With my last baby tooth I wrote a note to the tooth fairy asking, not for money, but for a note and all my baby teeth in return. Amazingly enough, under my pillow the next morning were all my baby teeth with some small scratches on a note. She's pretty tricky, that one. Just a thought.

We are looking forward to meeting your beautiful family at Guatoberfest in a couple of weeks.
`Beckie M

amber said...

:) This was sooo funny! I laughed pretty hard. I have yet to enter the world of tooth fairies, so I appreciated the thought-provoking post. I shall have to get in touch with the administrator of our local tooth fairy network to see how things are done here in NE Washington!

(Congrats to Zoe, too!)