Friday, September 14, 2007

Lovin' Some Texas Watermelon

Is it just me or has the watermelon been SOOOOO awesome this year??? We can't get enough! Angel


Jane-Jane said...

we ate a TON this summer! And yes it was tasty...even with all the droughts throughout the country.

Hey...about Atlanta. I would love to come join you guys for the day on Saturday. I am having major issues with my arthritis in my feet, so it may depend on the activities. I was at the doctor's yesterday and have been put on a strict anti-inflammatory diet and a vitamin that is supposed to help.... so maybe I will be getting around better by then!

if you still have my e-mail...drop me a line on the plans and location. Thanks for letting me join the party for such great group of folks!

amber said...

Hee hee!! I LOVE these pictures because you can see they started out with spoons and then they just picked up those huge pieces and really went for it!! That's how we eat watermelon around here, too!