Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Book Club Post Is Coming :0)

Sorry I didn't get the post done yesterday. I am writing it now.

I had been feeling a little sluggish all weekend and couldn't figure out why. Yesterday Russ and I went to the gym to work out. I started feeling dizzy while I was doing weights. I was thinking I must be REALLY out of shape! :0)

Then after 5 minutes on the stair stepper I had to get off because I felt REALLY sick. I started weaving toward the bathroom which was, of course, on the OPPOSITE side of the workout center. I realized I was not going to make it and spotted a trash can. YEP! I barfed twice into a trash can in front of everyone at my workout center!

Fortunately it was Labor Day and there weren't many people there. PLUS I did make it to the trash can which I was VERY grateful about!!!

I've been running a low grade fever and just feel kinda wimpy. I'm not SICK SICK! I'm just sickISH.

Anyway I am working on the post right now. You know I have a LOT to say so it takes awhile. Just wanted to let you know.

:0) Angel


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Angel said...

I am SOOO not prego. :0) At least I BETTER not be. According to my BC I am 99% sure I'm not. Hee hee.... I guess we will see won't we! I didn't even THINK of that. That's funny!HUGS! Angel