Wednesday, August 08, 2007

That Girl!

Kaitlyn just marched in here with a stuffed animal pushed as far up her shirt as humanly possible. In full drama queen mode she announced...

"HEY MOM! Wook at me. I haf wealy big boobies cuz I a mommy."
What do you even say to that? I just thought you should know. There is never a dull moment.
ON A SIDE NOTE- I just went upstairs and it is 93 degrees. Ummmmm no air conditioner upstairs. At least the air is working downstairs. I'm thinking a slumber party down here might be in the cards. Yikes.


Reba said...

Um, you may have to gently break the news to Kaitlyn that being a Mommy does not in any way guarantee that. :) I am proof. (And the more you have doesn't necessarily help either :)

Anonymous said...

We just spent 5 nights sleeping in our living room because the air conditioner went out upstairs. After 4 trips out to our house, they finally figured out the problem and got the part to fix it! We enjoyed our "camping" experience (4 people on 2 twin-size aero-beds, which we pushed together!).....but we're thankful to be back in our own bedrooms! All in all, it gave us a greater appreciation for having not one, but TWO, air conditioners in our house. We are spoiled and so blessed. Enjoy "camping"!
Love your blog-


Momma said...

So Angel Face,
Can I guess what is your surprise if I already know what it is?:)

We had water coming out all over the floor downstairs in the hallway today...under the stairs in the UH hiding place...well found out that the water drain was plugged least the air is going now.

Have fun at your slumber party..and by the way...I told Joseph and dad about the closet and what Kaitlyn funny we all had a good laugh.
I love you

Scott and Carolyn said...

TOO FUNNY! :) She is so cute!

amber said...

That is seriously the best picture ... EVER! And the story reealllyy made me laugh. Jo is not quite old enough to come up with something so well thought-through... but she does say some funny things along those lines. Gotta love kids!