Friday, August 24, 2007

Sometimes You Just Gotta Dance!


amber said...

I love it. That girl has a song in her heart and a dance in her soul! (I think Jo is going to be like her in a couple years... Jo is CONSTANTLY doing the "booty" dance! :)

I'm glad you liked my little computer-hugging guy. Of course you can snag it... I got it from another mom's blog. I truly feel like hugging my laptop sometimes!!

As far as the paypal thing... I think when you go to the paypal page, you enter whatever numer in the box and hit the "update" button... it should work. Its the same as a few of the $1 sites I've dontated to and thats how it worked on theirs... so hopefully mine is the same. If you still can't get it to work, let me know. Thanks for wanting to donate... its a blessing especially since I know you guys are working on your own adoption... I appreciate your heart!!!


Deb said...


This is nothing to do with your current post, but I di dnot want to scroll the posts to find the one on "fields of the fatherless". If folks are still looking for the book- Compassion INternational has it on their website for $8.50 (cheaper than I am getting it from Borders- which I am not happy about- but oh well).

Love to you,
Momma Bug

Melissa said...

What a cute little hula girl!