Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Major Mommy Trauma!

So Zoe's first day went great! According to her she had a wonderful day!

When I dropped her off in the morning she just bounded off as happy as a lark. I felt a little choked up watching her go. Thank goodness it's only two days a week or I probably would have lost it completely. I am SO not ready for that. :0)

Kaitlyn and I had a great day together. We ran all over creation getting errands accomplished. So that was good.

At 3:45 Kaitlyn had her dance class. As you will remember this was only our second time at this dance studio. I had a brilliant plan. Since Zoe's classes end at 4:00 I would deliver Kaitlyn to her class, drive to pick up Zoe and get back to watch the end of KK's ballet class. Zoe's school is pretty close to the studio. Still I have never left Kaitlyn at anything like that and was kind of nervous. I told myself to quit being so silly.

I took her to class and asked one of the moms if she would make sure she got back to class if she left to go potty. She said sure. I took off to Zoe's school. As I was chugging along I came to the terrifying realization that the side of the highway leading back to Kaitlyn's dance studio was STOPPED. STOPPED!

I am a stay at home mom. I am not used to driving in rush hour traffic. It had never occurred to me that traffic could be an issue. Not only that... they are working on the highway and it is down to two lanes. (It is going to be 6)

I started to panic but told myself 45 minutes should be plenty of time. It took me 15 minutes to get to Zoe's school... I waited in the carpool for 10.... I rushed back to the highway and STOPPED! NOOOOOO!!!

I suddenly realized I had only minutes till my precious little 4 year old was released from class into a mob of students and teachers and I was NOT GOING TO BE THERE! Not only that - I did not have the phone number of the studio. BAD MOMMY! BAD! BAD! MOMMY!!! Trying not to panic I called information. They, of course, could not find the number.

I called my friend practically bawling and asked her to look it up. She did that and said she would hop in the car with all THREE of her kids under 4 and rush to the studio. (she doesn't have to get on the highway from her house so it's quick) By this time I knew class was over and I started frantically calling to let the teacher know what was happening. Called once... no answer... answer...three times....nope....four times.....

Now I was trying not to imagine all the horrible scenarios. I was just praying and begging God to take care of my little baby since I am such a complete moron!!!! I was on the verge of tears when my friend called me to say she was there and had Kaitlyn- safe and sound. She said she walked in and Kaitlyn was sitting all prim and proper on the bench waiting. Her friend's mommy had noticed I wasn't there and waited with her.

I just broke down bawling. I am seriously protective of my kids. Leaving her like that was really out of the norm for me. My friend and I just sat there while I recovered enough to drive. KK was just playing as oblivious as ever!

Finally I gathered myself enough to get home. I immediately called Russ and cried for the next ten minutes. He was extremely sympathetic and sweet. Needless to say, I will NOT be leaving her again for a VERY long time. (Like when she is old enough to drive herself home! Hee hee just kidding... kind of) Russ is going to pick Zoe up on Tuesdays so I can stay with Kaitlyn.

Yikes... Mommy trauma... Angel


Whitney said...

We all have THOSE kind of days! Ahhhh!!!! Praise God it is usually only the mom who has to recover from the trauma! :)

Melissa said...

Bless your heart. I completely understand. I am also extremely protective of my son (age 6).

Mommy trauma, mommy guilt, why didn't somebody warn us about this??? Try not to beat yourself up about it - this kind of thing happens to all of us. And yea for the other mommies who watch out for us and help us along the way!

Kim said...

I'm sure KK is fine, and probably didn't know that anything was wrong. Poor mommy!!! Can't wait to hear all about Zoe's day at school.

Kerry said...

I completely understand. I wouldn't leave Savannah home alone while I went to the grocery store (5 minutes away) until last year. She's 13 now and I still call her at least once and set the alarm when I leave. I'm anxious the whole time too. These children are going to have to make room in their dorms for us.

Mandy said...

Another over protective mommy here too so I understand what you were going through. Thankfully your friend was able to get there and be with her. I think it is always more traumatic for us than the kids. They bounce back so much better than we do.

Suzanne said...

Aww, don't be so hard on yourself. We can't control everything, and you did great getting help from your friend!

Laurie said...

I was late picking Daxx up from daycare one day. I normally picked him up around 5:15, but it was nearing 6 when the school was getting ready to close. I must have looked like a crazy woman, crying and screaming at the cars IN MY WAY!
I arrive at the school, and he's watching TV, no care in the world. "Hi Mommy!" I wiped away my tears.

I had almost forgotten about that, until your blog. So, while the memory does not go away, it does fade. :) You'll be fine.

A Special Family said...

Oh Angel
(((BIG HUGS)))

A Special Family said...

Oh Angel
(((BIG HUGS)))