Thursday, August 09, 2007


In November I am going on a mission trip to work at an orphanage called Eagle's Nest in Guatemala!! AWESOME! I am so excited about this amazing opportunity. Here is the website of the orphanage where we will be working. To see pictures go under Mama Clarita's books and then go to the gallery. The children are gorgeous.

I am going with my amazing buddy Amy. She adopted two beautiful little Guataprincesses from here.

If I was going to adopt from Guatemala again I would adopt from Eagle's Nest. I believe they are ethical and truly helping children in need. If you are considering adoption from Guatemala please consider this orphanage. I will be glad to give you details and references if you would like. With these people you can know that everything is above board and you are helping a child who truly needs a family.

Zoe is not ready to visit Guatemala yet. It is too much for her right now. I MAY be meeting her birth mother though. Zoe may also try to talk to her Guatemala mommy on the phone. She is thinking about whether she is ready for that step. Please keep this in your prayers.

If you would like to help with donations for Eagle's Nest here is what they need...

White sheets for twin beds one double set.
Crib sheets.
Pack and play sheets,
Big bibs
Glider rockers Swings (some of the ones they have are broken)
Towels. Small for kids not babies.
Socks all sizes
Also dvds for children, happy not scary.Spanish or English.
And then of course clothes are always needed...preemie - size 7. girl and boy.

I will be glad to buy things for you if it is easier to donate money but you would like to help. You can also mail donations if you would rather do that. I will set up a pay pal account soon for donations to help Eagle's Nest.

HUGS! Angel


ale said...

Really cool!

I'll be in Guate in Nov. too. If you need any help getting around, let me know. I've dear friends in Escuintla. I'm going to visit a couple projects I collaborate with, one of which works with Maya girls and teens. If you want to learn more, or come and meet some of these awesom girls, et me know, too.

Have fun planning your missions!

Anonymous said...

Just saw your post on my blog. Yes, I usually go by Escuintla at least once when I'm home. It's very close to Antigua. My email is alecolom at gmail, drop me a note if you want info on the area, and I'll send it via email.


Melissa said...

Hi Angel - I was just reading the blog and I think their baby is waiting for them at the same Eagle's Nest that you are going to visit. I thought you might want to check it out because she has a post today (Aug. 9th) that links a couple other blogs of families with children waiting at that same home. Not sure if it is possible, but I was thinking you could take pictures of their babies and email to them when you visit?

Angel said...

THANKS SO MUCH MELISSA!!! I just went and left her a comment! You're awesome. I was REALLY hoping to get in touch with some of the waiting families just for that very reason. THANKS!!! :0) Hugs, Angel

Amy said...

I saw your post on Whitney's blog, we are expecting a referral anytime from Eagle's Nest. How exciting that you are going there, we just returned from a mission trip there. We had a great trip and felt our time there was a gift from the Lord.

Angel said...

HEY AMY!!!!! Please keep in touch. If you have a referral when I go I would love to help you in any way possible. You can e-mail me at angelweir at gmail dot com. Are you gonna start a blog or have one? I would love to follow your story. :0) Angel

Preiss said...

Hi Angel,

I just noticed that you are traveling to Eagle's Nest in November. My son, John, was cared for for the first five months of his life at Eagle's Nest. We visited Eagle's Nest in April 2005.

Let me know if you have any questions about Eagle's Nest. We were there for five days and four nights.

You can also read about my experience at the Children's Home on John's caringbridge site.