Thursday, August 09, 2007


I am OUT OF MY MIND excited about this trip. I am going to Ethiopia March 29 – April 5, 2008! We will be working with an orphanage called Layla as well as AHOPE. Both of these organizations are near and dear to my heart.

Layla is the orphanage for the children who do not have HIV virus. Many are waiting for their adoptions to be finalized. There are many older children waiting for families. This is a wonderful option for families considering adopting from Ethiopia.

AHOPE is especially dear to me. AHOPE is an orphanage for children who are HIV positive.

AHOPE gives them a future. Without medication many of these children would die by age 5. They are given medicine to suppress the virus to the point that they can live full happy lives.

These precious children are shunned by people because of false fear. There is not enough education about HIV in Ethiopia (or in the US for that matter) and people still do not understand that you can't catch AIDS from normal contact. With these repressive drugs the virus is almost non existent anyway!

HIV is now considered a manageable disease as long as you take the medications. Children from AHOPE are now adoptable and are coming to the US. There is absolutely no danger to anyone around them. They can live normal, happy lives with their families. It is considered on par with childhood diabetes.

However, because of this special need many of these children will not find families. They will need sponsors. These sponsors pay for these children to receive food, clothes and most of all... life saving medication every day. I am working on an awesome way for us to help sponsor these wonderful children together!

I am HONORED to go and serve the children of Layla and AHOPE.

Wanna come with me to Ethiopia???? Come on! Let's GO! It's going to be AMAZING! LIFE ALTERING! WAAAAYYYYY OUTSIDE OF THE BOX! You know you want to come.

Here is the organization who is managing this trip.

PLEASE contact me if you have any interest in going on this trip. Just let me know in the comment section and I'll get in touch with you. It would mean the world to me to have a group of my awesome friends with me to experience this.
James 1:27 Pure religion and undefiled before our God and Father is this: to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained by the world.
If you would like to educate yourself more about HIV or would like to see the story of a little girl adopted from AHOPE check this out. You can go to the categories on the right and find out all you need to know. It's very informative.
If you are interested in adopting from Layla or AHOPE you can contact these awesome folks.
There will be much more info coming. :0) WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO! Angel


Krystal said...

Oh, wow!!!! 2 mission trips - that is soooo awesome! Angel, I am serious, I would love, love, love to go with you NEXT time. (I would really love to go with you this time, but the money and time off of work are already dedicated to bringing the boys home.)

I hope that you have tons of people who can go with you! Both of these trips will be so amazing!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've always been interested in something like this, but never knew how to make it happen. I was just wondering if you could give me a ballpark figure on costs for this trip? Feel free to email me back for more info about myself. my email:
Thanks, corey

Jocelyn said...

Oh YAY!!! This is great...I love Africa, you will have such an amazing time!!!

Melissa said...

Just wanted to say what an inspiration you are. I have really been in a place in my life lately where I am questioning - what next? I feel the need to DO something - give something - help someone. I'm trying to figure out what that something is. Mission trips? Maybe. Adoption? Adoption really, really calls to me, but I'm scared. You are so, so inspirational. You are so brave. I WANT to leap - but I'm not ready, I'm scared. I used to say that I would never be ready. I am in a safe place, I will stay here. But now I know that I will leap - maybe not right now - but I will do it. Still praying for strength and courage. Still praying for wisdom and direction. Still waiting to leap.

Farrah said...

OH ANGEL I so want more info...You can email it to me if you want..Mostly I need to know the cost.
Thank you so much I'm soooo excited!

Lynn said...

I want to go with you to Africa. I read your blog daily, but have never "met" you. We are Americans living in Qatar. We lived in The Woodlands before we moved here. I hope it works out and I can meet you in Ethiopia. Could you email me.

amber said...

Holy Moly! You HAVE been busy!!! I am super excited for you and would LOVE to go to Ethiopia next spring. Unfortunately, all extra funds are going toward Henry's adoption, so I can't commit to anything... so I'll plan for the next time!
We were originally going to adopt from Ethiopia through Adoption Advocates, before we decided that Liberia was the country for this adoption. We are really open to adopting an HIV+ child from AHOPE next... we'll see.
Anyway... I am really looking forward to hearing all about your adventures! (I love that you are an adventure-lover too.) I thought of you when I added this quote to my blog:

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." Helen Keller


Princess D said...

Hey Angel,

I would like to hear more about the trip. I told my Mom about it and we would like more info. Can you email to me?


Debbie said...

I went to Ethiopia in September to an orphanage 14 hours away from the capital of Addis Ababa. You are right that you will never look at life the same again. You will be forever blessed by going.

Debbie Wankel