Wednesday, August 08, 2007


This ISN'T THE surprise but.....

October 5th-8th we will be at Guatoberfest.
Yep! We are driving ALL the way there. It's gonna be worth it though! We even get to spend the night with Lou and Anne Pearce on the way!
How awesome is THAT? Man I am lucky to get to meet that little sweety pie.
This a festival for anyone touched by the world of adoption. (not just Guatemala) It is going to be so cool to see so many amazing people I have met through this blog LIVE and IN PERSON!!! Wanna come??? I think there is still room BUT HURRY!!!
Come on. It'll be awesome.
Hey if you are coming would you leave me a comment?
I would love to see who is going to be there. :0) Angel


Lou said...

OK!!!!! I am going to have KK and Zoe at MY HOUSE!!!!! I am beyond excited.....How much fun is this going to be??? WHOOO HOOOOO!

Now, that AFRICA trip! How awesome is that??? I want details on price and everything. I got chill bumps just thinking about it!

Kim said...

Alex and I will be there and we can't wait!!!! It will be so much fun! (and we're glad you guys are coming)

margaret said...

Hi, Angel-

I am a long time reader of your blog. I live in Atlanta and will be at Guatoberfest with my daughter who I brought home in December. I can't wait to meet you and your family!