Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dedicated Blogger

Just in case you ever wondered just how dedicated I am to my blogger buddies take a look at my computer.

Yes... for the last two weeks half of my screen has been GONE! Hey, I'm just grateful I have half left. It is quite inconvenient though. Still I blog of course! :0)

My wonderful husband has ordered me a new lap top. It will hopefully arrive soon. Until then I just try to imagine what is on the other side. Hee hee..


Jane said...

What a FINE example of someone who sees the glass is half FULL! Hang in there...sometimes that full picture is too much to handle anyway!

Julie said...

That happened to me a few months after i got my computer..thank the lord it was still under warranty,cause if not it would have cost me a ton of money just to replace the screen

Suzanne said...

That's hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.

amber said...

Your dedication is an inspiration. Truly. :)