Thursday, August 02, 2007

Dancing Queen.

These video clips are from our visit with Zoe's foster sister. She lives in North Carolina now. They had SO MUCH FUN together. It was really special to see the bond they have. I am so grateful that they have one another. Now you can watch them jam down to their favorite Guatemalan jams. The dancing queens....

ALSO!!! Lidia's family just brought home their newest addition from China. Meet Brinley. She is on the right. Bayla- her sister is also from China. Aren't they ADORABLE together???? Congrats guys. She is a doll.

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amber said...

I had the time finally to go back and read your old blog posts about the journey to bring Zoe home. (well, I made it halfway through and then needed to spend some time with the fam :) What a great story! I just had to let you know how blessed I was reading it.

Peter and I are really feeling strongly that our next adoption will be an older child. Jo is 2 now, so we will be distrupting the natural birth order if we do... I so appreciated your perspective. Is there anything more you can share now that you have had Zoe home for a while? Are there things that are more difficult or easier than you thought? How has Kaitlyn adjusted? (You probably share all this somewhere in your blog. I didn't get through the whole thing yet...)
Obviously, we're going to be busy with Henry for a while... so this is probably a couple years off, but I am always thinking and praying about the future...
Thanks again for the great Saturday afternoon story! I'm looking forward to finishing the second half!