Monday, July 23, 2007

Welcome to the real world...

The red pill. Are you ready to take it? Do you want to know the truth? No really... take a second. Do you REALLY want to know the truth? The truth will challenge you. The truth will make you angry. The truth will make you weep. The truth will challenge you to become more than you thought you could be- more than you wanted to be. The truth will set you free.... but do you WANT to be free? Do you really WANT to be free?

We live in a nation of people trapped in their own reality. We are bound by golden handcuffs and caught in a dream world. We live in a metaphorical "matrix." The vast majority of people would rather not be free. The vast majority will choose the blue pill. Most of us want to stay in the dream. The reality is too harsh. We would rather ignore the scars and misery all around us and just grasp after happiness.

That little voice inside of us tells us there is more for us. Something deep inside us longs for something deeper and more meaningful. Our lives were meant to be so much more than comfortable. Our lives were meant to be radical. If we all chose truth this world would change. Orphans would find homes, diseases would be wiped out, widows would be loved, genocide would be ended.... yet here we are.

So I am asking you... I am inviting you to take the pill. Do you want it? Do you want to live the dream or would you rather change the world? All I am offering is the truth... red or blue... what will it be?

Welcome to Wonderland. Let's see just how far the rabbit hole goes.

Who's with me? Angel


Jocelyn said...

I took the RED pill on February 13, was the scariest decision I ever made...It was the BEST decision I ever made.

The truth will set you free...the RED pill will set you FREE!


Jane-Jane said...

oh sister... the question in my heart is what do you do when you take the red, and your husband insist on taking the blue? My heart breaks almost daily because of our differences. I cry out to God for unity in our long term goals. He has not failed us so far, I trust that He will continue to be faithful to His children. The waiting is so hard.

Anonymous said...

Ok- let me know if this comes through... ;0) That was an awesome post- I am so proud of you!!! I choose the RED! Amy

Kerry said...

I'm in!

The McKenzie Crew said...


Your best post yet -

You guys HAVE to come to Atlanta - I think you and Kerry and I need to talk:)


Lou said...

I pray that I have taken the red pill! Too many of us take the blue and just "exist". I want to make a difference!!!!

You are fabulous, by the way!

Bekah said...

sorry it has taken me so long to respond...blogger is giving me issues and i haven't been able to comment on some blogs. RED, RED, RED! I don't want to live the dream (I'm getting really, really sick of the American dream)....I want to change the world. I'm with you.