Thursday, July 19, 2007


I have SOOOOO many wonderful pictures from our road trip that I had trouble getting them all posted. So I whipped up a slide show for you! Hope you like it. I'll still try to post pics along the way but it may take awhile. On this slide show is.... Disney World, our trip to visit Zoe's foster sister Lidia, visiting the McKenzie Crew and my SOUL SISTA Julia :0), going to Washington DC and Gatlinburg, Tennessee!!! We had a great time. What a wonderful experience! ENJOY!!!


Melissa said...

Great photos. It looks like you had a wonderful time exploring - and lots of great family time. I especially love the pictures of Kaitlyn with Polka Dot. Such love in your mom's face. Both of your daughters are just beautiful. I have to say that there is something so special and beautiful about Zoe when she smiles. It is like she is smiling with her whole heart and her whole being.

The McKenzie Crew said...

Luvin it - just luvin it -

makes me miss y'all so much though - I really think you should move closer - like
DOWN THE STREET amd you have to bring your Mom and TIA BECK too:):):)

Give EVERYONE a BIG hug from the Crew:):):):):):):):)


Anonymous said...

Hi Angel-I am Mindy Ousley's Aunt and have been enjoying your blogging since we were blessed w/Mikayla Faith! You family is precious, I love the spirit your girls have! Your thoughts are as sweet as what I've heard you are! Keep bloggin~Rosella