Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Road Trip Phase Two- Animal Kingdom

We hit the Animal Kingdom for one morning and then hopped over to the Magic Kingdom.
We are ready! It's a jungle in there!!!M. Susan got to hang with us for awhile.

Awww... aren't they cute?

We even got to go on safari with our new buddy.

I have been on this safari a lot and this was the best time ever.

The animals were EVERYWHERE!!!

M. Susan was the best guide ever and was cracking us up the entire time.

If you go to the Animal Kingdom (and you should! :0) make sure you take the safari as early as you can because the animals are out a lot more.

It's lots of fun.
The girls were just captivated. Everywhere you looked there was some amazing animal to see.

Then of course you have to see the Lion King show.

Or the Lion KingDOM show as KK calls it.

This show is just wonderful. I love it everytime. The first time we went it was outside. HOTTTT!! Now it's indoor. WAY BETTER.

Zoe was in absolute awe of this show. There are lights and acrobats and dancers everywhere.
These expressions are what I love most about being a mom. I love seeing that wide eyed joy and excitement about life.
Zoe sat right up front! She LOVES the action.
Here are some street performers at Disney. They were unbelievable!
Look at him go! And the answer is yes... he DID fit his whole body through that little tube.
It was just SO COOL! I spend half my time at Disney World with my mouth gaping open in pure amazement. I LOVE THIS PLACE!
This is Zoe with the acrobats attempting her first peace sign. It didn't go so well. Hee hee.... TOO CUTE! :0)

Cutie Patootie

Just hanging out...

Being sweet to Polka Dot.

It was a great (although very HOT) morning at the Animal Kingdom.

Time to head to the Magic Kingdom.
we are on our way..


More Later, Angel

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