Monday, July 09, 2007

Road Trip- Phase One- EPCOT!

The first day we settled in and swam.

My mom was able to use her time share. It was awesome.
The next day we just drove up to Disney World!
When the girls realized where we were going they got VERY excited!

WOOOOHOOOO! If you haven't checked out the video of KK's celebration dance you really need to see it. It's a couple of blog posts down.

SOOOOOOO HAPPY! The tickets to Disney were Kaitlyn's 4th birthday present. Happy birthday baby!
Here is the crew.... me,Kaitlyn,my mom, Zoe, Tia Bek (our adopted Auntie and mom's best friend), and M Susan(behind me). M Susan works at Disney World. How cool is that?? She got to hang with us some. She is SUPER sweet!

Just a little snack while we wait.

Give me some love.

Awww....YEAH! PUCKER UP GIRL! Getting ready for Mickey! :0)

My sweet little 4 year old.
Have an apple.
Catching a little cat nap. All that Disney excitement can wear you out.

Tia Bek bought Zoe a matching hat. Zoe is VERY proud of that.

Just checking out our awesome pictures.

Two peas in a pod.

Me and my beautiful Zoe.

Measuring to see if Kaitlyn is big enough for the "Soaring" ride. This is now her favorite ride.

She was JUST tall enough and SOOOOO proud to be so big now. After all she IS FOUR!

Disney even has Mickey shaped pumpkins! How cool is that?

Do pumpkins grow on trees? HERE THEY DO!


Taking a boat ride.
Zoe with her Polka Dot.
This is the Disney hat that KK picked out. I was hoping she would pick one a little more versatile and practical but she KNEW this was the right one for her. I think she was right. It IS ALL her.

Watch out! I CAN be dangerous....
Of course I have my goofy side too! Hee hee.... GET IT? GOOFY!!!! :0)

This is Kaitlyn tasting drinks at the Cool Zone. I think that is what it was called. You could go taste sodas from all over the world. It was really fun!
A lot of the drinks were actually very yummy. Tia Bek and M Susan decided to see how they would taste if you mixed them ALL together. Ahhhh... nice.
The response was not favorable.
We can't recommend that particular drink. Some tastes just aren't meant to go together.

Polka Dot and KK
Just goofin around

Kaitlyn is ecstatic. Look at that face!
Hugging Minnie.
Chip and Dale. What great guys.
Life is good for the dynamic duo.
Smoochin' goofy! That big hunk!
Just lovin' this guy.
A VERY happy little girl.
Getting smooches from Mickey. SO FUN!

We love you MICKEY!
Under the sea on the Nemo ride.
We stopped by Mexico for awhile and GUESS what was there!!!!
THAT'S RIGHT! A fabulous mariachi band. They were spectacular.
They called Zoe to come stand with them while they played. She was absolutely giddy!
Look at that face! Priceless!
This is her listening to the music.

Something happens to that girl when she hears that Latin music.

She was adorable!
I couldn't quit taking pictures. Have you ever seen something so precious? We gotta find a place around here that plays live mariachi music.
How do we look?
My little mariachi lover. I adore this kid.

Princess Minnie Mouse...

My Guataprincess.
Lookin' GOOD!
See ya!!!! MORE LATER!!!! Tata for now...
Hugs, Angel


Natalie C. said...

Ya'll look liked you had so much fun...glad you had a safe trip.

Louisiana Belle said...

What fun! Loved all the pics- and especially the video when the girls started figuring out the surprise! Priceless memories!

The McKenzie Crew said...

awesome pics!!!!!!!!!!


Polkadot said...

Hello Julia...good to meet you....
Yeppers Angel..we did have fun didn't we?!!!~

Andrea said...

Seriously Angel, those are INCREDIBLE pictures. You can just see the PURE JOY on both Z's face and KK's face. There are some INCREDIBLE shots in there. You all looked like you were having a WONDERFUL time. Welcome back home-we missed you!!!

Farrah said...

She is soo cute, Both of the girls.
I'm glad ya'll had fun...We only live 15 minutes from Disney.

Anonymous said...

Hi... just happen to cross your site...

Im planning to go to Tokyo or Hong Kong Disney this Christmas. Hoho and I found some stuffs from Hong Kong Disneyland here as well:

I will definitely take tones of photos there!!!