Friday, July 27, 2007

A red pill kind of challenge

My friend Jocelyn needs help. She is a single young lady bringing home an amazing little boy from Liberia. It was not Jocelyn's initial plan to adopt as a single momma. HOWEVER, God has bigger plans. This amazing little man, Isaac needs medical attention fast and waited for a family for awhile. Jocelyn is a red pill kind of girl. She heard God whispering that this was her kid and she WENT FOR IT! Was she scared? YEP! You betcha. The best things in life are terrifying. Isaac's case has been rushed due to medical need. This is truly a miracle and I am so grateful that he is coming home in less than four weeks. He will get the medical attention he needs and the loving mommy he deserves very quickly! That's the good news. The bad news is that Jocelyn has had only five months to scrape together money for the whole adoption. She has done pretty durn good! She has $8,000 that needs to be covered.

So consider taking my red pill challenge for the day.... don't order pizza- give the money to Jocelyn, don't go shopping for a new book- give that money to Isaac, skip the Starbucks today- help Isaac come home, Turn the air conditioner up a few degrees and give a few bucks to Jocelyn and Isaac today.

IT'S EASY! You just push a button on her site and pay through pay pal. Trust me- easy as pie.

Here is her blog. Read it from beginning to end sometime. It's better than the book you could have bought with the money you'll give.

I know it's hard to look at this picture of sweet Isaac. I hurt when I see it. Just imagine how it FEELS. He has lived with this condition for years. Help Jocelyn take care of this sweet boy.

We can do more than save just one life if we are in this together. I'm ready to change the world. :0) Hugs to My Red Pill Blogger Buddies, Angel

PS Would you leave my buddy Jocelyn a comment to let her no she's not alone in this thing? Feel very FREE to spread the word to people! ;0)You people are awesome.


Jocelyn said...

Thank you so much!!!

wareaglereed said...

God Bless Jocelyn and sweet little Isaac!!! Made our donation today and continuing to support them in prayer!! Challenging others to do the same to help bring this sweet boy home!!


A Special Family said...

I will head over there myself and send an email to all I know!