Saturday, July 28, 2007


WOW! What an amazing movie. We just went to see it as a family and all agree we will be buying it. Zoe said it is BETTER than Highschool Musical! Can you believe that??? Thanks to my Guatamomma friend Valerie for encouraging me to get off my tushy and go see it. This movie has everything. It is funny and incredibly well made. Most of all it has a message that made me want to get up and cheer. All of my "red" readers will just LOOOOVE it. Well, what are you doing still reading??? Go see it! Hee hee... just kidding. Love to all my bloggy buddies.

PS There are a few cuss words and mild sexual references. It's nothing my kids don't hear walking through the mall but I thought I should give you fair warning. :0)


A Special Family said...

Thanks for your kind words Angel, am doing much better!
The movie looks good!

Jocelyn said...

of course you can use my was beautiful, and said so much!!!